National Free Flight Society

SEN 1910

Table of Contents – SEN 1909

  1. Looking for Stamov Short Models
  2. Stamov Parts in the USA
  3. Seen at the USFFC

Looking for Stamov Short Models

Roland Koglot is asking for model Stamov electronic-short (with Stamov airfoil) in good condition. He needs them for some young flyers.
Informationor offers send to mail

Stamov Parts in the USA

Just wanted everyone to know that Liudmyla Stamova will be at Lost Hills Oct 9 thru Oct 13 and in Boulder Nevada Oct 19 thru 27.
She has parts for sale such as stabs, tailbooms, tow rings, flags, reels, K Bauer altimax, Mech towhook, bunt mechanism, rudder adjusters, strobe lights, 3 function timers and other small parts. You can contact her or Brian Van Nest @ 760-937-017

Seen at the USFFC

Taron test flying a F1C – looking good.

New F1B winder add on by Alex Andriukov, flexible shield to protect to sportsman in case of motor breakage. No doubt fully tested by AA. New item in his catalog.

Spread tow F1B blades by Vivchar on Roger Morrell’s model. Available at Magic Modelsport.

Henning flying a Geef in Vintage FAI Power. Randy Secor advising the master.

Roger Morrell