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SEN 1908

Table of Contents – SEN 1908

  1. Lime Juice
  2. USFFC Flash
  3. Towline Source
  4. Livotto and Canada Cup
  5. In the Press

Limeys All Juiced up

An interesting negative slant on Mongolia.

Come on guys get your (a….) or brains in gear. There is a lot more to the World than the USA.

We in the UK are more than up for it. We have sorted our team and I know that we are going. We know there are a lot of unknowns. It’s gonna be different its gonna be another World but it will be an adventure. There will be pain and joy but what the **** let’s not knock the whole thing down before even giving it a go. A couple of weeks in a yurt will be something to brag and bore on your return. A bit of altitude, so the locals manage AOK, why can’t we?

So why don’t you colonials show us what you think that you are made of!?

The UK team for 2015 – final placings.

F1A Williams (John), Carter, Baines.
F1B Woolner, Woodhouse, Peers
F1C Cuthbert, Lester, Faux

Michael Woodhouse


Lost Hills
Perfect weather, nicest Lost Hills ever
Difficult air, toughest ever
No Maxouts
Bill Booth CD

1 Mike McKeever
2 Shlomi Rosenzweig
4 Brian Van Nest
4 Jim Parker
5 Ken Bauer

1 Roger Morrell
2 Walt Ghio
3 Alex Andriukov
4 Sevak Malkhasyan
5 Mike Richardson
6 Dick Meyers
7 Jack Emery
In F1B round 5 no flyer maxed – No one even FAI FF trivia expert Leeper can remember this happening in major event before.

Towline Source

Following up on Julian’s request … Bass Pro Shop shows the Power Pro Hi-Viz Yellow 200 lb test available through their online catalog. They show it as: Model:2110200500Y

This link should take you to the page (but maybe not):

The 200 lb test Hi-Viz is about halfway down the page. I use the green for fishing these days…good stuff.

Thermals, Steve Helmick

40th. California F.A.I. Invitational and Canada Cup

A World Cup Event

October 11th. And 12th. 2014

FOR CLASSES: F1-A, F1-B, F1-C, F1-G, F1-H, F1-J

SATURDAY OCT. 11TH. F1-A, F1-B and F1-C

SUNDAY OCT. 12TH. F1-G, F1-H and F1-J, Tangent with Sierra Cup

First Flight Duration: F1-A 210 Seconds, F1-B 240 Seconds, F1-C 240 Seconds

-7- One hour rounds starting at 08:00 hours

Fly-Offs will start at 4:30 PM “FIRM” as schedule, BRING YOUR TIMER !!

Saturday: F1-A = 4:30 to 4:40 ** F1-B = 4:45 to 4:55 ** F1-C = 5:00 to 5:10

“ 5:15 to 5:25 “ 5:30 to 5:40 “ 5:45 to 5:55

Weather permitting, otherwise Sunday at 7:15 for a 10 min. flight

F1-G, F1-H and F1-J, Sunday October 12th. 2014 Tangent with Sierra Cup

1st. flight ONLY, for all Mini events will TIMED TO THE GROUND for this contest

Starting at 7:30 to 8:15 hours fallowed by -5- flights of 2 minutes, all rounds 1st 45 min. for each round for this contest. 2nd 45 min. for the Sierra Cup contest

1st flight will be used as FLY-OFF flight and added to all Maxed flights results

***There will be NO timers provided, please find someone to fly and time with you***

Awards ceremony on both days after the last Fly-Off flight

Chrystal Trophies to winners for all events

Medals to 1st. place for all big FAI , Certificates for 2nd. and 3rd place

Certificates 1st through 3rd for all Mini events ­­­

Entry Fee US $25:00 for F1-A, F1-B and F1-C

$15:00 for F1-G and F1-H and F1-J

Contest Directors: Juan A. Livotto and Leslie Farkas

13212 Lake St. LA, CA, 90066

Phone (310) 391-5986……..e-mail: juanlivotto

AMA Sanction # 2080

Year 2013 Winners


In the Press

Video on YouTube with Report on the F1E Euro Champs Http://

and in The latest FFDU ,well known promoter of F1E in the USA seen in driving his Gogomobile way back in 19XX, in Germany, how did they find that!
Roger Morrell