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SEN 1948

Table of Contents – SEN 1948 Dave Anderson Southwest FAI Challenge Free Ride? Fab Feb More Stuff World Cup Results Link Dave Anderson From: Adrian Bryant Good morning Roger. Dave… Continue reading SEN 1948

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about… Continue reading 2014 in review

SEN 1947

Table of Contents – SEN 1947 MaxMen NFFS @ AMA Expo F1A World Cup Resolved Response to Mike USA Team selection ? USA Team Selection Proposal Response to Aram F1ABC… Continue reading SEN 1947

SEN 1946

Table of Contents – SEN 1946 Further Fab Feb Am Cup and belated Merry Xmas Chris like the Swedish Tiered Approach Like Dukie Further Fab Feb A couple of people… Continue reading SEN 1946

SEN 1945

Table of Contents – SEN 1945 World Cup Scoring – Kaynes Re Dukie on C Re: 1943 Proposals are Us Happy News Dept RE: World Cup Scoring From: Ian Kaynes… Continue reading SEN 1945

SEN 1944

Table of Contents – SEN 1944 F1A Saga Update For Sale Kounting Kerfuffle F1A Saga Update The FB saga conspiracy theory around the F1A World Cup appears to get more… Continue reading SEN 1944

SEN 1943

Table of Contents – SEN 1943 Fab Feb Packet Version 2 Dukie on F1C For sale Mike’s Rant North American Flyer Fab Feb Packet version 2 The following link has… Continue reading SEN 1943

SEN 1942

Table of Contents – SEN 1942 Good News AZ Champs Results Looking for a ST 15 header Kerfuffle Kontinues Good news – Napa students enjoy gliders field trip From: Gene… Continue reading SEN 1942

SEN 1941

Table of Contents – SEN 1941 Big Nelson Binos FAI Proposals Top Level Misnomers Dear Promotor Hanukkah Open 2014 Looking for a big Nelson From: trevor payne has anyone out… Continue reading SEN 1941

SEN 1940

Table of Contents – SEN 1940 A view from the outside A view from the inside Alternative F1C idea Bernard’s Winter sale A view from outside. While it’s been awhile… Continue reading SEN 1940