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SEN 1944

Table of Contents – SEN 1944

  1. F1A Saga Update
  2. For Sale
  3. Kounting Kerfuffle

F1A Saga Update
The FB saga conspiracy theory around the F1A World Cup appears to get more ridiculous with an unknown Hungarian flyer appearing on FB and making comments against the original proposition and the other sportsman.. The name used by this person does appear to match any known FIA FF sportsman!

One unfortunate aspect of this is that it is detracting from the excellent flying performances put on not only by the two top protagonists in the World Cup F1A but those others who have also put up very strong performance throughout the year and deserve recognition.

During the discussions around the scoring all agreed that it is a complex matter with many different issues. Up to this point the only suggestion to improve the situation was to do away with bonus points, which did not get much support as most feel that winner a big event should be “worth” more. The most positive suggestion just came from SEN reader Aram Schlosberg that lessens the importance of those that do not fly all the rounds. Aram’s idea is included in this issue of SEN.

For Sale

F1C. New Babenko wing and stab set, curved tip style,never fitted to a model. Wing covered in Oracover, stab in mylar $700New

Fora F1C engine straight drive rear exhaust. $275

Can bring to Lost Hills in February or post at cost.

Roy Summersby

Kounting Kerfuffle

“Padding” is a natural inclination to increase the numbers of fliers in a contest to enhance its prestige, to be able to say that I “flew with the best” or elevate friends’ scores. However, counting every flier posting time in the World Cup actually magnifies the issue.

A simple modification would be to count the number of virtual fliers, calculated as the number of flights over 20 seconds in the regular rounds, divided by the number of rounds and rounding the result. Taking the recent Hanukkah contest as an example, flown in a 5-round format. In F1A there were 51 fliers and 27 zeros including a 5 seconds flight, so (51X5 – 27)/5 = 45.6 or 45 virtual fliers. In F1C there were 10 fliers and 9 virtual fliers. In F1B the two counts were identical (23). The reason flights under 20 seconds are excluded is to prevent padding by hand launching.

Awarding participation bonus points by the number of virtual fliers in future World Cups would mitigate the issue of padding.


Roger Morrell