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SEN 1941

Table of Contents – SEN 1941

  1. Big Nelson
  2. Binos
  3. FAI Proposals
  4. Top Level Misnomers
  5. Dear Promotor
  6. Hanukkah Open 2014

Looking for a big Nelson
From: trevor payne <>

has anyone out there got a nelson combat 36 or 41 to sell I use them for open power. thanks

“(Please) use my binoculars”

In flyoffs, binoculars can be critical, particularly when there is a single timer per flyer. Some fliers think they have a better binocular (image stabilized, more sensitive to low light, larger visual field or being mounted on a tripod.) The risk to the flier is that the unfamiliar timer will botch the timing.

Time in one-timer flyoffs is scarce. Assignment of flyoff timers is typically done by lottery. In such cases, can
(1) The assigned timer be obliged to use the flyer’s binoculars if they are being offered?
(2) Can the flyer request switching a timer that declines to use his binoculars?

I think most timers would be agreeable to switching (2), if the organizers permit it. The organizers can also require a single timer to use the flyer’s binocular is requested (1).

And finally, should “use my binoculars” in form (1) or (2) be implemented in the team selection finals in a one-timer flyoff?


FAI proposals.
To: All Concern FAI Competitors

Re: FAI Proposals

From: Ron Young

I have read the FAI proposals. I find them to be detrimental to the future survival of FIA, F1B, and F1C events. I have attended FAI contest for the past 6 years and observed the decline of interest and entries in F1C. Should these proposals for F1C be adopted, it would mean their demise.

I have the following comments re: the proposals:

* The current 5 second engine run should be left alone.
* Rules that outlaw flappers in F1A, B, and C should be left alone.
* To eliminate lengthy fly offs make the first round 5 minutes and every round thereafter 4 minutes and then fly 6 rounds.
* The first fly off round in F1C should be 10 min, F1A should be 6 min, and F1B should be 6 minutes. This fly off procedure would eliminate lengthy and timely fly offs.
* Ethanol is very different physically and chemically from methanol. Engine testing with this fuel is critical and should be done on all F1Cs. Head clearance and timing would have to be adjusted to use ethanol and also a complete range of plugs would need to be tried and tested. Who is going to make the plugs and who would make the ethanol fuel? Nelson is the only one who currently makes the plugs for F1C.
* I have read that there is a movement to limit the Venturi size. It is essential that engine testing be done to check performance of all engines. Most of the current engines have a flap on the venture, and to check the Venturi diameter you will need a ball gauge. Who is going to make the Venturis for the current F1C engines being used?
* I have read that there is a proposal to put a muffler on all FIC engines. This must be a joke. How do they propose to put a muffler inside all the current F1C models? There are some models being used that have side port Nelson’s where the exhaust exits through the side of the fuselage. Do they propose to hang an ugly muffler on the side of the fuselage?

In California F1C is a dying class. With a lot of these ridiculous proposals you might as well put the nail in the coffin. At the last team finals in Las Vegas there were only 8 entries in F1C.

At the last contest held in Lost Hills, California which was the final event for 2014 there were no entries in the F1C class. At the contest before the finals there were only 4 entries in F1C.