National Free Flight Society

SEN 3088

Q Fly Away Magic On Q and RDT One more thing Q Fly Away From: Dieter Paff Hello Roger, you may remember of the lost of my F1Q modell in… Continue reading SEN 3088

SEN 3087

Correction AMA Results – Ike Winter Classic Correction In our Fab Feb summary in the last SEN we got the young Glider guy from So Cal wrong.  His name is… Continue reading SEN 3087

SEN 3086

  Fab Feb Results online Fab Feb Finished Fab Feb Results online We have put the results of the Fab Feb events online on the SEN website and it… Continue reading SEN 3086

SEN 3085

Cal Cup F1E Results MaxMen score corrections or questions Cal Cup F1E Results                                  … Continue reading SEN 3085

SEN 3084

MaxMen F1B FO MM Minis A Rare Bird – Official Flights Under 20 Seconds! MaxMen F1B FO Continue for 1 and 2 1 Mykola Kovalenko 2 Sevak Malkhasyan for 3… Continue reading SEN 3084

SEN 3083

F1A Fo Day 2 Tomorrow F1A Fo 1 Per Findahl    458 2 Brian Van Nest 320 Today F1B 240  240  180  180  180  180  180  360  480 R1   R2   R3  … Continue reading SEN 3083

SEN 3082

Visitors and More MaxMeN A and Q Lost my cooler Ongoing USFFT fund raising Auction Visitors and More This year we have a couple of distinguished visitors.  Both of them… Continue reading SEN 3082

SEN 3081

2023 USFFT Raffle This came in just as SEN 30380 was going out Here is the Thursday update of current high bids, as of 02-16-23, for the 2023 USFFT fund… Continue reading SEN 3081

SEN 3080

Max Men F1A poles North American results Found winding stooge on field @ North American Max Men F1A Poles F1A Pole Assignments (Move 2 poles each round) Pole 1 Bachmann,… Continue reading SEN 3080

SEN 3079

North American Cup – News Flash Gabby’s Thurs PM North American Cup News Flash! F1A 1 Per Findahl 480 2 Yuval Bichet 448 3 Lauri Malila 447 F1Q 3  made… Continue reading SEN 3079