National Free Flight Society

SEN 2640

Youngest  ? Don’t miss out on your medal or food or friends Closing, Medals, and banquet schedule Congratulations to the Malkhasyan family Lost: Wallet Youngest  ? This year‘s World Champ… Continue reading SEN 2640

SEN 2639

F1C F1C Podium 1 Taron MALKHASYAN – USA – 594 2 Yury SHVEDENKOV – CAN – 490 3 Nikolay REKHIN – RUS -478 Absolutely prefect conditions. Just enough drift to… Continue reading SEN 2639

SEN 2638

SCAT Oktoberfest Kotuku Cup Registration F1C Dawn FO SCAT Oktoberfest The SCAT – Southern California Aero Team – Oktoberfest will be held on October 21 , that is the day… Continue reading SEN 2638

SEN 2637

F1B Flash C under way F1A MODELS FOR SALE AT LOST HILLS F1B Flash Winners after morning flyoff 1. Mickael RIGAULT France – 341 2. Andreas GEY Germany – 313… Continue reading SEN 2637

SEN 2636

F1B status F1B Teams F1B Details F1B status Day with nice weather and  varied conditions After 2 flyoff rounds 3 flyers remain for the 7:20 AM flyoff tomorrow. Mickael RIGAULT… Continue reading SEN 2636

SEN 2635

F1A Flyoff Lost/Left behind/? Binos Found Lost Hills Weather Link F1B  Underway F1A Flyoff Cool perfect conditions, very very light breeze. 1 Constantin BRINZOI ROU 397 2 Dusan FRI? CZE… Continue reading SEN 2635

SEN 2634

A Team Re: SEN 2633 From:Pierre Chaussebourg And what about team results ? Answer Pierre – Good catch – Added to the results under the F1A link in previous SEN… Continue reading SEN 2634

SEN 2633

F1A 3 left Links to get online scores F1A Great day of flying 33 in first FO, 21 in second, then it got dark 3 out of 103 remain for… Continue reading SEN 2633

SEN 2632

World Champs Bakersfield Bike Guy All of the preliminaries are over. Processing and Registration have been completed.  People are meeting and catching up with old friends.  The Ladies Tea Party… Continue reading SEN 2632

SEN 2631

Market Place Lost on Sierra Cup F1B Flight Line Found at Sierra Cup Links for each World Champs class Results Lost Hills Motor Bike Doctor   Market Place The World… Continue reading SEN 2631