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SEN 2635

  1. F1A Flyoff
  2. Lost/Left behind/? Binos
  3. Found
  4. Lost Hills Weather Link
  5. F1B  Underway

F1A Flyoff
Cool perfect conditions, very very light breeze.

1 Constantin BRINZOI ROU 397
2 Dusan FRI? CZE 374
3 Christian  ANDRIST SUI 364

F1A comments
Just over 20% of the model random checked – no issues.
One team given warning – yellow card – for Moto flapping with a golf cart, next time red card = DQ
Jury member Cenny Breeman, unwell and place taken by Roger Morrell New Zealand.  Cenny now OK and back on jury for F1B, problem dehydration – take heed and drink plenty of water.
Not many drops per round but different people each round so total on flyoff of 33 out of 104 lower percentage than Sierra Cup last weekend of 39 in a smaller number of 85.

Detail Results – usual place – look at ranked list


Lost/Left behind/? Binos
Roger, we left today (F1A day) my binoculars Steiner 7×30, black with compass on one of the poles during the morning, maybe you can post a note

Javier Abad

Towline on F1A day from Pole 10 (possibly by Lithuania or Latvia)  –  put with other items on CD table

Lost Hills Weather Link
Again by popular request ….

LH Weather

also known as

Underway, nice weather, update later.
After Round 6 – 45 clean.