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SEN 2563

Whoops – not as bad as I thought ATV for sale Whoops – not as bad as I/you thought From:Gliderbohm Hey Roger, I have flown at Perris MANY times over… Continue reading SEN 2563

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SEN 2561

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SEN 2560

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Looking at World Cup points in 3 parts SidusG2 Altimeter Readout My personal opinion about new point allocation rules for Free Flight World Cup Contests-Part I From:Ismet Yurtseven When FAI… Continue reading SEN 2557

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Merry Smith’s Photos Photos in SEN Top Dudes ? Merry Smith’s Photos Here is a portfolio of Merry Smith’s 2019 Fab Feb Photos This portfolio is not arranged exactly… Continue reading SEN 2556

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Fab Feb Top Dude SEN Spread Sheets North American Cup Francois’s Fotos MaxMen F1A results Fab Feb Top Dude The Top Dude award is for the best performance combined over… Continue reading SEN 2555

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MaxMen 2019 Results Excellent Photos Tribute to Bill Gieskieng MaxMen 2019 Results The full Maxmen Results can be found at Excellent Photos From:Sergey Makarov Thank you very much for… Continue reading SEN 2554