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  1. Merry Smith’s Photos
  2. Photos in SEN
  3. Top Dudes ?

Merry Smith’s Photos
Here is a portfolio of Merry Smith’s 2019 Fab Feb Photos

This portfolio is not arranged exactly the way Merry did it – apologies to Merry.  See the next article.

Photos in SEN
Quite a number of people have taken photos of the Fab Feb events and shared them using a number of different ways. Two of our hard core professional photographers, Brian Furutani and Malcolm Campbell use Flickr.  This is well suited to sharing photos and it does not have “connections” with  social media platforms that discourage other users.
In this case the photos were edited and arranged into Fab Feb albums, from memory I think that Malcom took over 700 photos, edit them down to about half that and created his 2019 Fab Feb album. He gave me a link to that album that gave read only access and I published this in SEN, Brian did the same.

This year Merry had put her photos, as did some other people on Facebook but these photos are only visible to Facebook users.  Some SEN uses do not use Facebook, some because of the ‘side’ issues. We like Merry’s Photos because they have very good people shots.

So to make Merry’s photos available she put them in an Album in Amazon Photos and shared this. The intent was to create a share of this album that anyone could read.  Before publishing the link we got from Merry I read it but in a test other people were not able to access it.  I did some tests on my own with Amazon Photos Albums and found it hard to change the sharing rights once the album was established.  It is probably possible to do this but we did not figure it out , yet ?  So what I did was download Merry’s Photos and put them into Google Photos on my Google drive.  Google way of sharing files and managing their access is easier (for me anyway)  and we have included them in this SEN issue. We use Google for displaying the results spread sheets as mentioned the an earlier SEN.

We very much like having photo albums in SEN, and think you do too,  so feel free to share them.  They need to be in some photo album system where you can share them in a read only form. We will publish the link in SEN like we have done for Brian, Malcom, Merry and Francios, …  Typical ones are Flickr, Amazon Photos (make sure you share to everyone – not just me), Google photos etc

Top Dudes ?
I got some questions about the Top Dude selection process , and why wasn’t Johnny Appleseed or whoever top of the dudes.  We applied the World Cup points allocation that Ian Kaynes uses. It looks as if Ian has now completed his calculations which seem to match ours.

Only the Top Dude gets the special T-shirt, no budget left for the other podium places, spent the budget on Wonderful Pistachios.