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DT flyoffs – a practical solution
From: Aram Schlosberg
As a complete skeptic I watched a DT-flyoff in Sweden two years ago in a gale, on the last afternoon of the contest, where models were disappeared into the haze in less than 2 minutes. To my surprise I was won over because those who who put up the best flights got podium positions and the outcome was completely fair. (DT times to the ground were around a minute.)
And even the rules don’t permit it, DT-flyoffs are LEGAL if done by an agreement among those in the flyoff.
But the inherent problem of DT-flyoffs is that a model’s DT rate can be manipulated by a less scrupulous flyer. Legislating a stab’s minimal pop up angle of 40 degrees raises objections from the A flyers’ quarter – whose models are prone to different descent patterns (spiral spins, flat spins or their combination).
So, if an A flyer wants to use a lower stab pop up angle on a model, they should demonstrate that it lands within 20 seconds from a full line height (2.5 m/s or 8.2 f/s). The stab’s angle will be written on the stab with an official stamp.
Another possibility? Altimeter flyoffs would be nice once altimeters match CIAM’s specs, as Roger pointed out. This reminds me of the anecdote about an alien space ship that happened to first land on a field where an altimeter flyoff was taking place. Observing the fliers energetically raising and lowering their models to get an altimeter signatures, the aliens concluded that the creatures on earth were praying to a deity.
So, before throwing out the baby with the bath water, realize that a DT-flyoff coupled with practical work arounds, is far better than averaging flyoff scores or waiting for alien spectators. ///

California Weather
We note that February 2019 was the first year in weather recorded history when Los Angeles did not have a  day over 70 F (21.1C) in February .
While it rained at Lost Hills during Fab Feb , it was not nearly as bad as some other parts of the state.

Our  wonderful flying site at Perris was still bogged down last week causing the postponement of the SCAMPS Taibi contest. Now planned for this weekend as long as the access road dries out and water level on the flood control canal subsides.  For a site where there are only a few days a year where it is not flyable at least in the mornings, it is been almost 3 months since flying there was practical.

Good news it is looks like El Nino is moving on to some other place.

USA Team Selection Program members
Don’t forget to vote on the proposals for the team selection program for the next cycle.