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SEN 2552

Ike and Kiwi Electric Champion Ike AMA Events Mud Olympics Ike and Kiwi Electric Champion (prize money donated by Lee Hines) Family and Given     E36       NOS Electric    F1Q      F1S     Total   … Continue reading SEN 2552

SEN 2551

Lost Hills Weather F1Q MM _ Flash AMA Govt Relations Blog Lost Hill other events New Records Broken at Lost Hills’ ‘Fab Feb’ Lost Hills Weather This year while chatting… Continue reading SEN 2551

SEN 2550

Max Men Mini Flash Fab Feb Quote Lost Hills Question Max Men Mini Flash From: William Booth F1G Dong, H Drapeau, JL Dong, Q F1G Junior Zhang, Y Liu, R… Continue reading SEN 2550

SEN 2549a

MaxMen Flash F1A Danier, J Findahl, P Ballasiano, A F1A Junior Goldstein, N Dong, Z Ulm, A F1B Kovalenko, M Kulakovsky, O Batiuk, G F1B Junior Ruizhe, L Zhao, Y… Continue reading SEN 2549a

SEN 2549

Full North American Cup Results   North American Cup 2019 F1A Place                Name    Nat  FAI ID  1  2  3  4  5 FO1 Total 1      Danier       Jama    CAN  26753  240180180180180533  1493… Continue reading SEN 2549

SEN 2548

North American Cup News and MaxMen F1A flyoff info Looking for Rossi Conrod International Pot Luck @ Fab Feb   North American Cup News and MaxMen F1A flyoff info: Here… Continue reading SEN 2548

SEN 2547

NA Cup – (almost) midnight Flash Record North American Cup News: From: tony mathews After consulting with the MaxMen organizers, and looking at the weather forecast, we have decided to… Continue reading SEN 2547

SEN 2546

MaxMen Pole Assignments California Cup Wanted … 2019 Bob White Memorial Max Men International F1A  POLE  ASSIGNMENTS (MOVE 3 POLES EACH ROUND) POLE 1                POLE 2      … Continue reading SEN 2546

SEN 2545

North American Cup -interim reslts North American Cup 2019 F1A Plac ID                   Name    Nat  FAI ID   1   2    3   4   5 Total 1    1      Jensen      Steffen  DEN  17172   240 180 … Continue reading SEN 2545

SEN 2544

Fab Feb Update Thurs AM General Comment Fab Feb Update Thurs AM The Cal Cup F1E event will not be flown today. The International Pot Luck with Chinese Dumpling party… Continue reading SEN 2544