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SEN 2306

  US Team Fund Raising Lost F1A glider on North Luffenham Hatcheck International Challenge On the net – How much ? …. And used too   US Team Fund Raising… Continue reading SEN 2306

SEN 2305

Upcoming on Oz In the Press – The Update – Federal Appeals Court: The FAA’s Registration Rule Violates Section 336 Upcoming on Oz While not until 2018 the AFFS… Continue reading SEN 2305

SEN 2304

Bob Hatschek International Challenge F1B Stuff for sale Revised Brooklyn Skyscrapers Bob Hatschek International Challenge May 20-21 America’s cup, National cup Awards to third. Saturday  F1B, F1C, F1S      10 AM start,… Continue reading SEN 2304

SEN 2303

  Conductive Glue –II Stamov Long model for sale Caveat Emptor and help from the mountain   Conductive glue From: GILBERT MORRIS Thanks Roger for your response to my conductive… Continue reading SEN 2303

SEN 2302

Re: SEN 2301 How about this for a clarification ? CIAM Observation After CIAM meeting… America’s Cup PYXIS GPS tracker  Re: SEN 2301 From: Jim Lueken As a past F1B… Continue reading SEN 2302

SEN 2301

The flyoff dance SEN 2300 Winding  the motors Not clear to me either I’m starting to wind now conductive glue Q rewound stream of consciousness from FB The fly off… Continue reading SEN 2301

SEN 2300

Motors and more motors Which one first ? Who’s Altimeter is that ? Motors and more motors Regarding the rule change to allow F1B flyers to wind one motor before… Continue reading SEN 2300

SEN 2299

CIAM PLENARY MEETING Corrected link for Naloev Cup Photos Big Als – rewired schedule CIAM PLENARY MEETING Ian’s report appear in FFn – Free Flight News, we include it here… Continue reading SEN 2299

SEN 2298

Russian Report Looking for a MAX Looking for models Info for SEN Russian Report From : Sergey Makarov. Dear friends. We had very nice contest in Nalchik in Russia, world… Continue reading SEN 2298