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  1. US Team Fund Raising
  2. Lost F1A glider on North Luffenham
  3. Hatcheck International Challenge
  4. On the net – How much ? …. And used too


US Team Fund Raising
Putting out our need to sell the remaining USA team shirts!  See the nifty NFFs Digest advertisement 2 months ago.

We’re making the process easier for those that don’t like doing forms, envelops and stamps.

Email me your order and contest(s) that you’ll be attending so that we can arrange a delivery. Various team members will work delivery at upcoming contests to save shipping costs.

We have the following:  Short sleeve shirts at $20; 4:M, 9:L, 20:XL and 2:XXL.   For $25 a long sleeve but we have only 9 in XL.

This coming weekend at Lost Hill see me in the “Loaf”. Bring two $20 bills, one for the Ron McBurnett for a Big Al Shirt (this is the last year!) and a $20 for a team shirt. I also will make deliveries to those that have already donated to the team. Thank you!

Email me if you are going to the Nats this year. Mike McKeever will have a wrapped shirt labeled with your name for a quick and easy exchange for a $20 (we will take a personal check).

Team member(s) will be attending Denver and Tangent so deliveries there free too.

Texas! Wayawanda!  If you can get 5 or more orders I’ll arrange to get the shirts to a single distributor and pay the shipping if needed.

Our foreign friends, 20 Euro gets you a delivered USA shirt at the WC in Szenvtes Hungary in August.

And if that’s not a great deal, for the first 11 orders, you can get a 2016 Jr Macedonia Team shirt for only $5 each.  I have only 9 small and 2 mediums so hurry! How perfect would it be to see a bunch of kids wearing Jr Team shirts at the NATs!

Email me now with your order.

Jim Parker

PS.  My last SEN message was urging the payment of the over due $30 AmCup fees. I left off my street number so here is my complete mailing address:
Jim Parker
25018 Wintergreen Ct
Stevenson Ranch, CA 913834

PPS.  The USA Team for years has mailed out “Request for Team Donation” letters. The 2017 Team donation letter was sent out in March. If you got a letter and it got lost on the work bench, find it and send the team a donation. It’s too late for the silver and gold level thank you gifts (team Polo Shirt and Jacket) but the bronze level team t-shirt and team cap is still available.  Donations of any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thermals, JIM

Lost F1A glider on North Luffenham
From: David Brawn

If you are flying at the Brumfly on Saturday could you look out for my F1A which was ‘misplaced’ after my flight last Sunday. It is a 2 metre span Sija wing, white salzer top blue plastic underneath, on a yellow pod fuselage with yellow tail.

I was flying with Noel Parry at approx 12.30 when my flight recorded 2 minutes 7 seconds, well on the field. Noel maxed with his Caprice and we were a long time finding and retrieving this from the first rape field outside the drome.
Returning to pick up my model there was no tracker signal (checked and OK before the flight) and a search along the line of flight there was no sign of my glider.

If you find my glider please pick it up and return to Brumfly control.
Thanks for your help.

David Brawn

Hatcheck International Challenge

May 20-21

From: Aram Schlosberg

This was the first American Cup contest held at Wawaywanda in 2017. Saturday proved to be very calm, while Sunday began with a mild northern cold drift, switching 180 degrees in the round becoming windy and highly turbulent in the fifth round. Although no crops have begun to sprout west of the field, we held off on holding any 4-minute flights.

B, flown on Saturday, had five max outs. At 7 pm we started with a provisional Q 6-minute flyoff in mildly buoyant air, followed by a B flyoff in laden air were only Alex Andriukov maxed. (Tom Vaccaro is recovering from a shoulder injury and only flew Q.)

Q, flown in Sunday, had a variety of models. Dick Ivers and Tom Vaccaro flew geared B models, I flew a direct drive B model, Bob Sifleet flew a direct drive A model (all to 40 second motor runs) and Drake Hooke was the only straight climber/bunter, flying a Virvihvost model with a 4.2 second motor run. Although only Dick maxed the provisional flyoff on Saturday evening, the rough and turbulent Sunday weather was no match to the smaller B sized models; only Bob and Drake maxed.

A was also flown on Sunday, with Tzvetan Tzvetkov maxing out. He had one model land on a tree in the fourth round (yet to be recovered) and a second model DTing for 8 minutes into the forest 4 miles away. It was retrieved with an assist by Ron Felix.
The contest next month (June 24-25) is also a World Cup, will be run with the same format, weather permitting.


Hatcheck Internatioal Challenge
May 20-21  2017  Wawayanda NY
David Acton CD

evplc   1    2    3    4   5FlyofTotal Flier
B  1  180  180  180  180 180  360 1260 Alex Amdriukov
B  2  180  180  180  180 180  286 1186 Sarah Radziunas
B  3  180  180  180  180 180  272 1172 Aram Schlosberg
B  4  180  180  180  180 180  247 1147 Ron Felix
B  5  180  180  180  180 180  226 1126 Carrol Allen
B  6  180  130  125  180 180       795 Joel Yori
B  7  180  180   65  180 180       785 John Clapp

A  1  180  180  180  180 150       870 Tzvetan Tzvetkov
A  2  153  180  149  175 150       807 Andrew Barron
A  3  170  180  180  105 150       785 Igor Fradkin
A  4  115  180  180  180 110       765 Peter Barron
A  5  180  180  180    0 150       690 Joel Yori

Q  1  180  180  180  180 150  224 1094 Drake Hooke
Q  2  180  180  180  180 150  161 1031 Bob Sifleet
Q  3  180  180  127  180 101       768 Dick Ivers
Q  4  150  180  180  152 101       763 Aram Schlsoberg
Q  5   37dnf  dnf  dnf  dnf         37 Tom Vaccaro

Tie breaker
S  1    0  109  120  120 120   88  557 Dick Ivers
S  2   93   79   99   78 120   55  524 Drake Hooke

G  1  120  120  120  120 120       600 John Clapp
G  2  120  103  120  120 120       583 Don Rousseau
G  3   95   69  120   73dnf        357 Carrol Allen

H  1  120  113  933  120 120      1406 Bob Sifleet

On the net – How much ? …. And used too
On Ebay ………
5/99 Tan II Rubber strip 1/8″ 150 gram

Item Condition: Used

Starting bid : US $575.00
Buy it now: US $750.00

Now I have a couple of boxes in my rubber “cellar” some dated Tan 2 unused, in the original boxes and some excellent (that’s why I saved it) only used once … Hmmm

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