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  2. How about this for a clarification ?
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 Re: SEN 2301
From: Jim Lueken

As a past F1B flier I read each SEN with great interest. The rules makers are not helping the sport in any way shape or form. As with so many sporting events, with each rules change comes higher costs in equipment and loss of existing equipment. The FAI community should try something new…..leave the rules alone, let the people fly.

I’m becoming more and more happy I decided to retire from F1B flying…to much “stuff” going on anymore.

Happy in California


How about this for a clarification ?
From: aram schlosberg


Can’t wind a second motor


The rational of winding one motor ahead of a B flyoff is to allow fliers to launch as soon as the horn blows.


If one adds a 2-minute warning then fliers have time to wind, install and add hand turns before the flyoff window begins. If strands break while winding, the flier should unwind the motor and wind a fresh motor. (To prevent having a fully wound backup motor.) And if the motor blows while winding or in the motor tube, the flier can wind a fresh motor.


So adding a two minute warning and a requirement to unwind a poorly wound motor would clarify the ruling.




CIAM Observation
From: Adrian Bryant

 Good evening  Roger.

When we were  young we flew   model aircraft.

Now  we are make new rules that most of  are  to old  to use.


Adrian  Bryant


After CIAM meeting…

From: Damjan Zulic

There we have it. The CIAM meeting is over and so are the pools  on the suggestions  about rule changes. Due to many various suggestions I believe that the review board had a difficult task to achieve and I am glad that sportsmanship won in the majority of those changes but unfortunately not at all of them.

The use of the altimeter to measure time puts those who don’t have the altimeter in an unequal position and nullifies the meaning of tactics. In my opinion there is too much electronics present which allows diverse modifications.


The suggestion that I am disappointed by the most is the mandatory use of and RDT system for an engine stop . This will actually  make the F1C category more dangerous and not safer as it was firs planned. And to top it off with the 4sec engine run I think that this is just another nail in to the coffin of the F1C category. We all know that the servo mechanism is the weakest part of the electronic timer in F1C category. By my statistics there were more crashes with the models equipped with the electronic timer than with those who had mechanic timers on. If the servo mechanism breaks down due to vibrations, bad connections or other reasons RDT won’t be any good either because you won’t be able to turn it on. The other reason for the possible F1C extinction is from a financial point of view. We just equipped our models with  additional electronics which allows the RDT on a mechanic timer and it will already become unusable. And we all know that 4 new electronics timers cost somewhere between 1250€-1500€.


I got a feeling that unfortunately the F1C category became a test category to prove  that there are some changes being made. This category is on its good path to be destroyed. Very similar to the F1Q category that became dead due to constant changes. “I don’t know why” but I got a feeling that the changes in the F1C and F1Q categories are just to distract competitors from categories which would actually need some major changes like F1A category.


Damjan Zulic


America’s Cup to date
From : Jim Parker


The 2017 AmCup  competition is well underway with 7 contests already complete. There are two very strong starts, Jama with two 30 point  F1A contest wins and  Alex Andriukov with a 30 and  a 29 point win in F1B. We’ll see how the year progresses.

A reminder of the new 2017 rule, 4)…….”Points will be scored only if the entrant has flown the minimum number of rounds as stated in section 1a”.

1a) Minimum number of rounds: F1ABC: 5 rounds, all other events: 4 rounds.

Send corrections to .

April 1st was the due date for the 30$ AmCup Fee. A third of the contests are not paid for 2017. I have sent individual reminders to CDs and clubs. AmCup fee payment checks made out to “SCAT” and sent to: Jim Parker Wintergreen Ct, Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381.

Thermals, JIM

America Cup results – with individual placings

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR  12

Ike  16

NAC  14

MM   12

SCA  17

SAN   7



1   McKeever, Mike        84  SWR-1 MM-5 SCA-4* SAN-2 NCA-1

2   Limberger, Rene       75  SWR-2 Ike-2 SCA-5* SAN-1

3   Pecenkovic, Enes      68  SWR-3 Ike-3* NAC-2 MM-2

4   Danier, Jama          60  Ike-1 NAC-1

5   Parker, Jim           57  SWR-4 MM-4* SCA-1 SAN-3

6   Bauer, Ken            50  SWR-5 NAC-4 SAN-5 NCA-2

7   Shitrit, Nir          49  NAC-3 MM-1

8   Zink, Don             32  NAC-5 SCA-2

9   Pecenkovic, Jasminka  19  MM-3

10  Rosenzweig, Shlomi    17  SCA-3

11  VanNest, Brian        15  Ike-4

12  Farmer, Jim           11  SAN-4

13  Barron,  Andrew       10  Ike-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   9

Ike  18

NAC  16

MM   12

SCA   8

SAN   7


1   Ghio, Walt          98  SWR-1 Ike-2 NAC-3* SAN-1 NCA-2

2   Jensen, Blake       61  SWR-3 Ike-3 MM-2

3   Andriukov, Alex     59  Ike-1 MM-1

4   Davis, Mike         58  SCA-3 SAN-3 NCA-1

5   Jones, Charles      56  SWR-5 NAC-1 MM-3 SAN-4*

6   Schroedter,Martin   48  SCA-1 SAN-2

7   Horak, Ladi         34  NAC-2 MM-5

8   Pivonka, Jace       22  SWR-2

8   Gannon, Bill        22  SCA-2

10  Richardson, Mike    17  NAC-5 SCA-5 SAN-5*

11  Booth, Bill         15  NAC-4

11  Vaccaro, Tom        15  Ike-4

13  Mathews, Tony       14  MM-4

14  Piserchio, Bob      12  SCA-4

14  Emery, Jack         12  SWR-4

16  Allen, Carrol        5  Ike-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   1

Ike   4

NAC   5

MM    2

SCA   1

SAN   2

NCA  -x-

Srn   0




1   Parker,  Faust      70  SWR-1 Ike-2 NAC-1

2   Carroll, Ed         50  SCA-1 SAN-1

3   Malkhasyan, Taron   40  Ike-4* MM-2 SAN-2

3   Menanno, Guy        40  NAC-3 MM-1

5   Roberts, Mike       35  Ike-1 NAC-4

6   Chesson, Don        20  NAC-2

7   Morris, Gil         15  Ike-3

8   Mathis, Dick         5  NAC-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   1

Ike   1

NAC  -x-

MM   -x-

SCA   1

SAN   2

NCA  -x-


1   Fedor, Mike         50  SWR-1 Ike-1

2   Kerger, Terry       45  SCA-1 SAN-2

3   Secor. Randy        25  SAN-1

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   8

Ike   8

NAC  -x-

MM    3

SCA   5

SAN   2

NCA   1

Srn   0


1   Richardson, Mike    67  SWR-1 MM-3 SCA-4* SAN-1

2   O’Dell, Tiffaney    59  SWR-5 Ike-1 MM-1 SCA-2*

3   Brocks, Peter       49  SWR-4 Ike-3 MM-2

4   Davis, Mike         45  SAN-2 NCA-1

5   Jones, Geralyn      32  Ike-5 SCA-1

6   Jensen, Blake       22  Ike-2

6   DeLoach, Don        22  SWR-2

8   Pykelny, Mike       17  SWR-3

9   Ioerger, Tom        15  SCA-3

10  Mathews, Tony       12  Ike-4

11  Jones, Charlie       5  SCA-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   5

Ike   6

NAC  -x-

MM    2

SCA   4

SAN   4

NCA   2

Srn   0


1   Parker, Jim         75  SWR-1 Ike-2* MM-1 SCA-4* SAN-1

2   McKeever, Mike      66  Ike-1 SCA-2 SAN-2* NCA-1

3   Bauer, Ken          56  SWR-2 Ike-3 NCA-1

4   Jensen, Blake       50  SWR-3 MM-2 SCA-3

5   VanNest, Brian      36  Ike-4 SCA-1 SAN-4*

6   Farmer, Jim         15  SAN-3

7   Sifleet, Bob         6  Ike-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   2

Ike   2

NAC  -x-

MM   -x-

SCA  -x-

SAN  -x-

NCA  -x-

Srn   0




1   Parker, Faust       50  SWR-1 Ike-1

2   Roberts, Mike       20  Ike-2

2   Fedor, Mike         20  SWR-2

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   4

Ike   4

NAC   2

MM    1

SCA   2

SAN  -x-

NCA   2

Srn   0





1   Murphy, Jack        75  SWR-1 Ike-1 NAC-2* MM-1

2   Ioerger, Tom        65  Ike-3 NAC-1 SCA-1

3   Pykelny, Mike       40  SWR-2 SCA-2

4   Tarcher, Ben        25  NCA-1

5   Sifleet, Bob        20  Ike-2

6   Mecham, Allan       15  SWR-3

7   Parker, Julie       10  SWR-4

7   Hines, Lee          10  Ike-4

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR  -x-

Ike   6

Cal  -x-

MM   -x-

SCA  -x-

SAN  -x-

NCA  -x-

Srn   0



1   Brocks, Peter       26  Ike-1

2   Sifleet, Bob        21  Ike-2

3   Ioerger, Tom        16  Ike-3

4   Parsons, David      11  Ike-4

5   Richardson, Mike     6  Ike-5

Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:

SWR   7

Ike   5

NAC  -x-

MM   -x-

SCA   3

SAN   2

NCA   1

Srn   0



1   Murphy, Jack        51  SWR-1 Ike-1

2   Buddenbohm, Stan    50  SCA-1 SAN-1

3   Parker, Julie       31  SWR-4 Ike-2

4   Hines, Lee          25  Ike-4 SCA-3 SAN-2*

4   Tarcher, Ben        25  NCA-1

6   Morris, George      21  SWR-2

7   Brooks, Clint       20  SCA-2

8   Mecham, Allan       16  SWR-3

9   McGucken, Derek     15  Ike-3

10  DeLoach, Don         6  SWR-5

11  Terzian,Fred         5  Ike-5

PYXIS GPS tracker
From: ffelectronics

    As announced on SEN some days back, I have recently posted on Facebook a couple of photos of my new PYXIS GPS model tracker. So far I have intentionally posted no technical information. As I expected, the post has raised a lot of interest, but also a few astonishing comments from Mr. Aberlenc, who I don’t know in person, and from some others of his entourage. Only based on the similar shape of the beacons, these ‘gentlemen’ have started to discredit something that they don’t even know, stating that my product is a copy of the French system and getting even to email me with a sarcastic message offering its software to make a full copy of the project. This is very unfair to me.

If I had copied that system, I would not have anything new to add to what was existing, and the development of mine would not have taken over two years as it did. In over a decade now since I develop electronics for FAI free flight, my creations have always brought innovation, and my only reaction to other people copying my solutions has always been to work harder and improve my products. Competition is part of the game and fair play should be the first rule among players. Modelers compare products based on their ease of use, features, size, weight, battery life, price etc. and if Mr. Aberlenc has the best tracker ever, he has nothing to worry about mine and others that will certainly come.



PS: Modelers who want to have more information about the PYXIS GPS are welcome to email me on

The above mentioned photos are available at