National Free Flight Society

SEN 2222

Table of Contents SEN 2222 Fitting Free Flight into today’s World. Loggers and altimeters What’s the spec? Bob Hanford’s F1P Altimeters, Altitude, Working time and Publicity Isaacson Winter Classic and… Continue reading SEN 2222

SEN 2221

Table of Contents – SEN 2221 Clocks or altimeters ? Handicapping, Bad precedent  ? German F1C Proposals. What’s the spec ? Can our specs see beyond the edge Bob White… Continue reading SEN 2221

SEN 2220

Table of Contents – SEN 2220 F1P design problem German F1C Proposal Reply to Ross altimeters and all that ! Altimeters. J again F1j then F1p. Looking for a J… Continue reading SEN 2220

SEN 2219

Table of Contents – SEN 2219 To all American members of LHFFMAA (Lost Hills Association) The Rest of the J story Fab Feb Online Entry Form Altitude or Attitude limited… Continue reading SEN 2219

SEN 2218

Table of Contents – SEN 2218 Patterson 2016 Great altimeter experiment! Altimeters and LEDs Not P’s Fault The Chief Dino like them But what’s the real problem ? Patterson 2016… Continue reading SEN 2218

SEN 2217

Table of Contents – SEN 2217 Arizona Champs in Dec. More F1J ? One Way Road ? FF is Up – Golf is Down Golf is not spelt with an… Continue reading SEN 2217

SEN 2216

Table of Contents – SEN 2216 Use of electronic altimeters in the Rhône-Alpes World Cup fly off F1E and Golf Scoring A reserve day? What’s the issue? Arizona Champs in… Continue reading SEN 2216

SEN 2215

Table of Contents – SEN 2215 Percentage Chaos in F1E No Percentage Chaos in F1E Need more Percentage Rules of Free Flight Mike Roberts F1J rules Percentage Chaos in F1E… Continue reading SEN 2215

SEN 2214

Table of Contents – SEN 2214 Dino’s F1J CD’s View on the Boulder City Contest More on Reserve day What are the other 2? Bob Parker’s 3 Rules of Free… Continue reading SEN 2214

SEN 2213

Table of Contents – SEN 2213 Merry Smith’s Photographs of Boulder City fab Feb Flash Power Flyers Merry Smith’s Photographs of Boulder City. We often see excellent photographs of model… Continue reading SEN 2213