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SEN 2192

Table of Contents – SEN 2192 Timing Oh Please Bring In Altimeter Timing Ape-Based Timing – An EoB Viewpoint Altimeter granularity Riddle Answers compared Pim Ruyter new email address Riddle… Continue reading SEN 2192

SEN 2191

Table of Contents – SEN 2191 Response to Ken Bauer Ken’s Riddle Parallel Universe some of Ladi’s F1Bs for sale grumpy old men bickering about some rule obscurity Dino wants… Continue reading SEN 2191

SEN 2190

Table of Contents – SEN 2190 F1A Riddle Award to Ken and Chuck How about PARRALLEL UNIVERSE ? More plus more on progress – Re: SEN 2189 Altimeter timing –… Continue reading SEN 2190

SEN 2189

Table of Contents – SEN 2189 Help at the USA TEam Selection Event Dawn and Dusk Flyoff Shootouts? A response to John Carter Gorilla Glider Altimeter timing. NFFS Used Books… Continue reading SEN 2189

SEN 2188

Table of Contents -SEN 2188 Gorilla What’s the problem more and more Revised Am Cup Scores Expanding Foam or call the Gorilla From: Ken Bauer I recently discovered that an… Continue reading SEN 2188

SEN 2187

Table of Contents – SEN 2187 light Carbon information Another Carbon Cloth source What’s the problem … ? Is this the problem …. Light Carbon information Carbon fiber biaxial  you… Continue reading SEN 2187

SEN 2185

Table of Contents – SEN 2185 P vs J Altimeter test time part 2 Hatschek International Challenge and Skyscraper Annual results F1P vs. F1J From: GIL MORRIS Hello Roger, I… Continue reading SEN 2185

SEN 2184

Table of Contents – SEN 2184 J v P B 4 sale Fab Feb 2017 More Dino on J vs P From: Michael Achterberg Very true. Austin was a very… Continue reading SEN 2184

SEN 2183

Table of Contents SEN 2183 P and J Comments on Editors F1P/J comments Tech Update – 1 Drone search Tech Update – 2 Electronic Timing P and J From:Michael Achterberg… Continue reading SEN 2183

SEN 2182

Table of Contents – SEN 2182 F1B Stuff for sale Canadian Team Finals flash results Q and the Knight Templars about Dino on P and J F1B Stuff for sale… Continue reading SEN 2182