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SEN 2182

Table of Contents – SEN 2182

  1. F1B Stuff for sale
  2. Canadian Team Finals flash results
  3. Q and the Knight Templars
  4. about Dino on P and J

F1B Stuff for sale
Mike Mulligan in Southern California stopped flying F1B a couple of years back and tidying up he workshop and has the following F1B stuff for sale. Mike was a Vivchar representative.   Mike’s not sure of the latest prices so just make him an offer.  Mike is on 714 637 5244.
1 Pim Ruyter Tracker on 157.07 – Rx and Tx
1 like new long wing Vivchar mechanical model with VP Hub
1 Vivchar VP Hub with blades
1 Vivchar DPR Hub with blades and various spares parts
1 Vivchar model box, holds 5 F1B
2 Older Vivchar models, standard wings and no hubs
1 set Burdov carbon blades
1 set Stefanchuk blades
1 Winding stooge
1 Model stooge
1 Maxwell jig old style canadian model
1 Lepp airfoil jigs
5 Winding tubes Vivchar/Andriukov style
Assorted bobbins and spare parts

Canadian Team Finals flash results
From: tony mathews
The Canadian FAI Free Flight Team finals was held at the Zander sod farm
(just north of Tottenham, Ontario) on Labor Day weekend. Weather was the
best of the summer. Temperatures of 25-27C, sunny with blue skies and
virtually no wind! Two 5 round contests (with extended maxes where
required) were flown and no flyoffs were required to decide the places
despite the seemingly ideal conditions. The air was very tricky to pick
with models climbing away in what looked like sure lift, only to be dumped
after a minute or two. The calm conditions were enjoyed by the F1B and F1C
sportsmen, but the F1A boys were grumbling. 😉

Canadian team for Hungary 2017:
Jama Danier
Leslie Farkas
Todor Boyadzhiev
Tony Mathews
Ladislav Horak
Cameron Ackerley
Yury Shvedenkov
Rostislav Perchensky

Q and the Knight Templars

Some readers, about 10% will have got an extra article in the previous SEN  by Aram with Q counter proposal.  I was going to give a long explanation about this But this is the simple version.   After submitting this proposal Aram received intelligence (* from …) about other proposals and thoughts from the power at be. .  So Aram fired off an email to SEN asking for the article to be withdrawn.  Unfortunately that issue of SEN had just been launched into Cyberspace aka the InterWeb or what ever you called it.  We did stop the transmission and removed the article.  About 10% of the readership got  it.  So if you worry about that kind of stuff, if you got it you are in the top = first 10% of our list.  You can ignore the article as Aram has it on good authority (* see below) that the counter proposal is not needed.

There have been a number of Q proposal floated on the Web and other places. It is often hard to determine if they will go forward or not.  Partly because most countries have an approval process and it’s not clear, for example if the proposal has the approval of the writers NAC (National Aero Club).

(* from ) a couple issues back the Editors “sense” or “nonsense” of Humor or Humour caused some confusion to do with CHE falling off the Edge..  At the risk of doing that again we can confirm that while Aram’s intel did not come from the Illuminati or Knights Templar it did some from some source of that ilk.

Re Dino’s words on P and J
From: Ross Jahnke
Dear SEN,

Though I fly rubber events, I would like to stick my nose into the FAI
power debate.

I agree with Mike Achterberg regarding the F1J vs. F1P issue.
Sevak Malkhasyan’s listing of 2 F1P’s for sale illustrates this point. I
also think that a 5 second motor run for F1J is a no brainer and replacing
P with J in the junior event roster would be even smarter. But we have
heard all of this before…


Editor’s comment
Sevak is selling his F1Ps because he has aged out as an FAI Junior and will probably focus on his main event which is F1B while following his university studies next year.

The difficiulty of F1P (and the talent of previous Junior World Champs winners Taron, Cody, John and Austin) was shown by the fact that no one maxed out this year. In talking with Randy Secor, Cody’s father the complexity of the trim adjustments
during the day of top F1P models is an indication of the high level of difficulty, amount of training needed to be successful and maturity of the top Junior flyer to handle this. With day to day pressures like school and other teenage activities  it is very hard for a young person to become proficent.
And further emphasised by the fact that Alex Stalick won the bronze medal with a 10 year old model that had been Cody’s backup. Alex flew well with a model that is consistent performer with a more conservative trim  rather that a higher risk top performer.
Roger Morrell