National Free Flight Society

SEN 1979

Table of Contents – SEN 1979 Ike Results Altimeter Timer Dino 1 Kanga-Dino 2 Ike Winter Classic Non-FAI event scores 2015 Isaacson Winter Classic Saturday MacCready HLG Total Place Tim… Continue reading SEN 1979

SEN 1978

Table of Contents – SEN 1978 MaxMen Q and Minis North American 2015 Report Ron Felix’s 25g F1B Experiment Altimeter Comment Remaining Maxmen Results – Q plus the Minis Max… Continue reading SEN 1978

SEN 1977

Table of Contents – SEN 1977 Thermals for sale Altimeters Nothing is new Missing Canuk C North American Cup F1C Results Dudes fixed Big Al – pre view Thermal detector… Continue reading SEN 1977

SEN 1976

Table of Contents – SEN 1976 Stonehenge Date Change Looking for a Wider Torque meter Re SEN 1975 Little Dudes List Unsub Stonehenge Cup Change of Date From: Due… Continue reading SEN 1976

SEN 1975

Table of Contents – SEN 1975 Fab Feb Finished Photos and More Free Flight Dude Lost Hammer Comming up soon – SCAT Annual Fab Feb Finished One of the greatest… Continue reading SEN 1975

SEN 1974

SEN 1974 – Table of Contents E-36 Wolrd Open Report North American World Cup 2nd E-36 World Open Report From: Don DeLoach The much anticipated second annual E-36 World Open… Continue reading SEN 1974

SEN 1973

SEN 1973 – Table of Contents MaxMen F1 B, C and P Cal Cup F1E Maxmen F1BC and P Weather – fANTASTIC Max Men 2015 F1B Place Name Nat FAI… Continue reading SEN 1973

SEN 1972

Table of Contents – SEN 1972 Max Men 2015 F1A Place Name Nat FAI Lic.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 FO1 FO2 FO3 Total 1 Ivan Bezak SVK… Continue reading SEN 1972

SEN 1971

Table of Contents – SEN 1971 Kiwi Komments Kiwi F1E Brian’s Photos Regrets from Ross Note from the USA TSC North American Cup Kiwi Komments Almost perfect flying conditions on… Continue reading SEN 1971

SEN 1970

Table of Contents – SEN 1970 Kiwi World Cup and Ike Winter Classic FAI Results Kiwi Cup 2015 F1A Place Name Nat FAI Lic.No. 1 2 3 4 5 FO1… Continue reading SEN 1970