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SEN 1975

Table of Contents – SEN 1975

  1. Fab Feb Finished
  2. Photos
  3. and More
  4. Free Flight Dude
  5. Lost Hammer
  6. Comming up soon – SCAT Annual

Fab Feb Finished

One of the greatest Fab Feb ever. In the almost 2 week period from the Wednesday before the Ike/Kiwi Cup to the President’s Day holiday we only had 2 days without completely perfect weather. On the Kiwi Cup Saturday we were visited by the Pineapple Express that delivered an off and on light misty rain that periodically obscrured visibility and made the ground slippery. This did not diminish the performance of the models. The fly off was held without difficulty the next morning and the mini-events went off well. On the Monday the northerly wind did not line up well with the Holloway Hill for the f1E event and from time to time was quite strong. From that point on the weather got better throughout the week to perfect for the Bob White Maxmen International. We had some technical difficulties relatld to displaying the results online but in the end got the important results out. We are planning on a better approach for next year.

Rules meeting

Before the event a number of people expressed some interest in having a meeting to discuss some of the proposed rules changes. We looked at reserving a meeting room but were not successful at such short notice., However once the flying started everyone was spending all their time either flying in their events or taking advantage for the great weather to trim their model to do better at the next event. The up shot was we never did get to having the meeting.

Free Flight Dude

Over the 3 World Cup Events we allocated points using the World Cup scale with no bonus points to see who “did best”. The ranking list is below.


Hi Roger,
I took a few photos this past weekend and I was wondering if you would want post them. I put them on Facebook and on Flickr. On Flickr they can be found under carrie0597. I sure had a great time this past weekend.
Carrie Van Nest
PS trust me these photos are not like Malcolm’s or Brian’s but I am learning…

More Photos
Hi Roger

This is all I have been doing since I got home! A great cure for jet lag. Looked through over 700 photos to select 400. I hope your readers enjoy this link:

Malcolm Campbell

Free Flight Dude Award

So over the Fab Feb Week , Scoring using the World Cup Points with no bonus points

F1A – Ivan Bezak
F1B – Alex Andriukov
F1C – Reinhard Truppe

Name Points
Ivan Bezak 120
Per Findahl 78
Jim Parker 74
Jama Danier 70
Jes Nyhegn 69
Eyal Galor 60
Avner Studnick 55
Roland Koglot 50
Stefan Rumpp 50
Aviv Balassiano 49
Enes Pecenkovic 42
Mike McKeever 36
Shachar Limor 28
Javier Abad 27
Lauri Malila 25
Sigfried Limberger 24
Borislav Bardarov 20
Peter Barron 18
Brian Van Nest 17
Amit Kidron - JR 16
Jari Valo 16
Gil Yair - JR 14
Christian Andrist 12
Chris Edge 11
Anders Persson 10
Fritz Wilkenins 10
Peter Brocks 9
Frederic Aberlenc 8
John Cooper 8
Dominik Andrist 7
Igor Fradkin 6
Ken Bauer 6
Don Zink 5
Esben Jensen 4
Omri Shechter - JR 4
Steffen Jensen 4
Malcolm Campbell 3 3

Name Points
Alex Andriukov 117
Evgeny Gorban 75
Blake Jensen 61
Igor Vivchar 57
Russell Peers 46
Tom Vaccarro 42
Dag Edvard Larsen 41
Mike Woolner 41
Michael Siefert 40
Walt Ghio 35
Stepan Stefanchuk 34
Charlie Jones 30
Bror Eimar 29
Minoku Nishizawa 27
Aram Schlosberg 26
Mitsuyasu Nakata 26
Or Shabat 24
Martin Schroedter 23
George Batiuk 21
Ladi Horak 21
Gilad Mark 20
Tony Mathews 20
Gil Hagay 18
Hakan Broberg 18
Bernard Guest 17
Sevak Malkhasyan - JR 16
Vin Morgan 16
Tom Vaccaro 13
Bill Booth Jr. 12
Fritz Gnass 12
Michael Achterberg 12
Ryo Kawai 11
Greg Simon 10
Bill Booth 9
Ron Felix 8
Tuvia Fibish 8
Rolf Siefert 7
Thorvald Christensen 6
Pim Ruyter 5
Tetsuro Matsuo 5
Roger Morrell 4
Paul Crowley 2

Name Points
Reinhard Truppe 99
Alexander Vyazov 88
Artem Babenko 88
Charlie Stiles 72
Roy Summersby 71
Jeff Ellington 56
Alan Jack 51
Don Chesson 47
Ron McBurnett 41
Evgeny Verbitsky 40
Randy Secor 33
Jari Valo 30
Mike Roberts 29
Henning Nyhegn 27
Roger Simpson 26
Gilbert Morris 25
Taron Malkhasyan - JR 20
Eugene Verbitsky 17
Ed Carroll 10
Taron Malkhasyan 9
Thomas Koster 9
Walt Ghio 8

Lost Hammer at Max Men

From: John Clapp

Did any find a red fiber glass handled hammer at the close of the F1G

I fear that I left it at my site at the end of the contest.

Would love to get it back.

Did Stepan and George find his (Stepan’s) lost F1G?

Best regards,
John Clapp

Coming Up Soon
March 14 & 15, Reserve March 16, 2015 at Lost Hills Field, CA

NEW for 2015: P30, 1/2A Nos Gas, ABC Combo Nos Gas

FAI Events:
**Saturday, March 14: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q F1P
Seven a7a8af6076240877782e46ef76efa85b one hour rounds start @ 8AM with extended max times
F1A and P: 210 sec, F1B and Q: 240 sec, F1C: 300 sec
Remaining round maxes are 180 sec.
Flyoff times will be posted

***Sunday, March 15: F1G, F1H, F1J

Tie Breaker flight to the round. F1G 7:45- 7:55; F1H 8:00-8:10; F1J 8:15-8:25
Standard Five 2007-03-16 01:03:55 rounds 45 minute long starting @ 9AM, 120 sec maxes.
2 FO flights starting 45 min after end of last round Event start times will be posted
If tied at end of standard and two FO rounds, tie breaker flight will determine the winner

2014 Winners: F1A- Brian VanNest, F1B and F1G- Blake Jensen,
F1C- Jeff Ellington, F1Q- Matt Gewain, F1H- Ken Bauer

National Cup Events:

Saturday: Hand Launch Glider, E-36,½ A Nostalgia Gas, Classic Towline Glider 8AM-5PM
Sunday: Catapult Glider P30, ABC Nostalgia Gas, 8AM-4PM
Other Events: Sat 8AM – 5PM and Sunday 8AM-4PM
Vintage FAI Power, 2010 Ghio rules, 5 flts,180 sec maxes (may enter multiple eras and days)
Nostalgia Wakefield, Sat 8AM – 5PM and Sunday 8AM – 4PM (may enter both days)

Entry Fees:

FAI events: FIA,B,C,G,H,J,P,Q ; $25 first event, $10 for second
Other events: $15 for first event, $5/each added non-FAI event
All-In Fee of $40 to fly your little hearts out!
AMA age Juniors: HLG & P-30 free, Other events $5, or All-In Fee of $10


Trophies awarded for 1-2-3 places
Perpetual trophies for F1A,B,C,G,H,J and Nos-Wake winners receive a perpetual trophy (if it shows up at the field!)
Due to low entry levels; F1J, P, Vintage FAI Power, Classic Towline and Nostalgia events second and third place awards will be sent post-contest.
Junior Hi-Time Glider, Rubber and Power Trophies
$100 to the top 20 Something F1ABC flyer

AMA & Lost Hills Field Assn memberships are required
FAI events run to the 2015 FAI rules
Protest in addition to $30 requires equipment needed for model
F1Q flyers to measure, calculate and monitor one another’s motor runs
No Moto-flapping

Contest Directors

Lee Hines
376 Magnolia St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Jim Parker
9534 Ruffner Ave
Northridge, CA 91343

Roger Morrell