National Free Flight Society

SEN 1870

Table of Contents – SEN 1870 Apoplogy Editorial Southern Cross is the clock ticking ? Apology Dept In the Kotuku Results we spelt a few names wrong Jama danier Ted… Continue reading SEN 1870

SEN 1869

Table of Contents – SEN 1869 Kotuku Cup CIAM Clock Question Kotuku NZ World Cup and Supporting events Held Narrandera, NSW, Australia @3, 24 April 2014 Good weather conditions F1A… Continue reading SEN 1869

SEN 1868

Table of Contents SEN 1868 For sale F1 B, G and Q CIAM Reply E-36 UK perspective For sale – Glider stuff For sale I am selling 4 Wakefields and… Continue reading SEN 1868

SEN 1867

Table of Contents – SEN 1867 SCAT Black Cup CIAM Meeting Q CIAM Meeting – Clock Plans and things SCAT Black Cup This summer SCAT is continuing with five Saturday… Continue reading SEN 1867

SEN 1866

Table of Contents SEN 1866 CIAM Summary FF Forum @ NFFS Pubs CIAM Plenary Meeting Summary (lifted from Ian Kaynes’ report) 15.2 Volume ABR, Section 4B · i) B.9.1 (F1… Continue reading SEN 1866

SEN 1865

Table of Contents SEN 1865 AM Cup status For sale – Bike etc Waywanda Update Looking for Wings First 2014 AmCup scores, Several races have the thoroughbreds fast out of… Continue reading SEN 1865

SEN 1864

Table of Contents – SEN 1864 Henry Spence Memorial Wanted f1C Stuff Free Flight Forum Decluttering Henry Spence Memorial The second annual Henry Spence Memorial Free flight contest will be… Continue reading SEN 1864

SEN 1863

Table of Contents – sen 1863 F1D World Champs Flash From Slanic salt mine in Roumania 1. Kang Lee – USA 2. Brett Sandborn – USA 3. Ivan Treger –… Continue reading SEN 1863

SEN 1862

Table of Contents – SEN 1862 FF Forum Report Thermal speed Did jens do what he wanted F1D WC Blog Contest Balsa for Sale 2014 Free Flight Forum Report The… Continue reading SEN 1862