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  1. FF Forum Report
  2. Thermal speed
  3. Did jens do what he wanted
  4. F1D WC Blog
  5. Contest Balsa for Sale

2014 Free Flight Forum Report

The new 2014 BMFA Free Flight Forum report is just out. For thirty years these Reports have provided information on new developments in a wide range of free-flight activities. This year is no exception, as the following contents list shows.

Simple Coupes,by Gavin Manion; BMFA Rubber – Not Just an Over-powered Wake, by Ivan Taylor; In Praise of Simplicity: Tilting at Windmills, by Alan Jack; P-30 – Does Size Matter? by Chris Redrup; What’s All the Flap About? by Alan Jack; One Man’s Way with F1A,by John Carter; GPS Tracking System, by Ian Kaynes; The Free Flight Programme, Its Future and the FFTC Philosophy, by Mike Woodhouse; E-36 -What Now? by Peter Tolhurst and Tony Shepherd; What Did You Do at the Weekend, Si? by Simon Firth. Additionally there are plans and articles on six of Britain’s most successful contest free-flight models:Ivan Taylor’s BMFA Rubber model, Steve Barnes’s Slow Open Power designs, Chris Strachan’s E-36 Ramrod, Steve Brewer’s Catapult Glider, Dave Hipperson’s T-34 1/2A model and Chris Redrup’s P-30.

The UK price is £12.00 including postage; to Europe it’s £14 and everywhere else £16. Sales of the Forum Reports help to defray the heavy expenses of those representing Great Britain at World and European Free-Flight Championships. Cheques should be payable to ‘BMFA F/F Team Support Fund’ in pounds sterling, drawn on a bank with a UK branch; you may also order by credit card, which is a lot easier (and cheaper).

Copies are available from : Martin Dilly

20, Links Road,

West Wickham,



or by fax to: (44) + (0)20-8777-5533, or by e-mail to

Negative Sink = Thermal up ?

Re: Thermal speed?
For ballpark numbers if you assume sinking speed of FAI class models at 1fps, then a thermal that maintains altitude would be about 1fps while one that caused it to double altitude would be about 2fps. Had a towline glider that DTed at 3 min and took another 3 min to touch down. Upon measuring the DT time from the top of line in still conditions, the thermal strength was about 6fps in that boomer.
Many sportsmen have onboard altimeters and can provide more typical data.

Good luck,
Hermann A

Did Jens do what he wanted ?

(ref to Circuit cellar in the Press article)

Jens Altenburg should be offered our assistance in accomplishing what HE
wishes to accomplish. Invite him to the practice field to test his model.
Offer him glue when he needs it, and drink beer with him after sunset if he
wants to hang out.

If he can’t fathom why we choose not to provide external guidance to our
models, simply state that overall, model aviation is inclusive of all
approaches, but that the independence of the model during flight is the
underpinning of our sect, that we are like Carmelite monks with iPad’s. Then
have another beer.

P.S. Given our numbers, we must be careful whom we judge to be the outsider
in this equation.

Ross J

Ross – i think Jens achieved it objective – it flew and you are right about who is the outsider , there are more of them than us….

F1D WC Blog

Blog from USA Team members on NFFS Web Site at

Balsa For Sale.
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