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SEN 1868

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  1. For sale F1 B, G and Q
  2. CIAM Reply
  3. E-36 UK perspective
  4. For sale – Glider stuff

For sale

I am selling 4 Wakefields and 3 Coupes and a new F1Q electric which have very little use or are new. I would rather not ship them if possible and am planing to bring all to the Black Cup contest at Perris, CA May 3rd.

Wakefield #1 is a 6 panel Max Star that looks new, has DPR, and variable pitch, asking $800. Wakefield #2 is a Max Star 4 panel with an electronic timer, asking $600. Wakefield #3 is a Win Star 4 panel, asking $500. Wakefield #4 is a Win Star, has been flown, asking $400. Wakes #2-#4 all have DPR.

All three Coupes I am selling have light use, and in good shape. All are Super Sugar Gs, asking $275 each. All have DPR.

I am selling a brand new Sergei Vorvihvost F1Q. Has Carbon construction, bunt and VIT. Built, covered and ready to add timer, electronics, battery and motor. Asking $500.

Anyone interested should contact Kevin Sherman at Julykevin

(Southern California)

“CIAM Meeting Clock” and F1S Proposal


I believe your interpretation is correct. There are two separate issues; rounding vs. truncating, and using 180 (or whatever the max is) in the mean calculation vs. the actual time shown on the watch.

Issue #1:

Current rule: Timekeeper one gets 179.0 and timekeeper two, having better eyesight/binoculars, gets 180.6. So 179.0 plus 180.0 (cut down to the max) equals 179.5, truncates to 179 and no max.

New rule: Same scenario but this time the mean of 179.5 is rounded up to 180 giving the flyer the max.

Issue #2:

If one timekeeper registers a time exceeding the max, it is being cut down prior to calculating the mean between the two timekeepers. Using the actual times from both timekeepers would, of course, provide a more accurate representation of actual flight time. The counter-argument is that flight timing officially stops when the max is reached so no time over the max should be considered in the mean calculation.

I encouraged a ‘yes’ vote at the CIAM Plenary meeting because the new rule at least addresses one of the concerns. For those wishing to pursue using the actual time (over the max) in mean calculations, please submit a proposal to me for discussion/submission next cycle.

Also; to follow up on the proposal to introduce an E-36 FAI event (F1S), Ian Kaynes has the following information: “ The F1S proposal was withdrawn. Discussion in the FFTM had the view that the class was already spreading well using the NFFS rules internationally, and there was no need to put it under the FAI umbrella to aid its adoption.” Ian will be publishing a more comprehensive plenary meeting report in the future for those who are interested in all the details.

Chuck Etherington

E36 – UK perspective

Ross, you are 100% correct. Those of us who have flown F1Q in the past in UK hope so much that they never adopt E36 as an FAI class.

Tony Shepherd

*for sale F1A and parts*

Benedek short model- electronic fuse(black magic timer) with one servo
trimed and RTF

Lepp long model- Titov electronic fuse(black magic timer) with one servo
trimed and RTF

long wing made by Oleg Stoev painted and covered (mint condition)
long LDA wing made by Haraza (mint condition) (optional with match LDA stab
by M&K)

details Amit Kidron


Roger Morrell