National Free Flight Society

SEN 1861

Table of Contnets – SEN 1861 Where in Mongolia? In The Press 2014 SCAT Annual Report Where in Mongolia Re the request for location of flying field in Mongolia, the… Continue reading SEN 1861

SEN 1860

Table of Contents – SEN 1860 Valley Fever Update Where in Mongolia Thermal Speed Looking for M&K Charlie Bruce More on CIAM Valley Fever Update A number of SEN readers… Continue reading SEN 1860

SEN 1859

Table of Contents SEN 1859 This weekend @ Lost Hills A2Z for sale otherwise curtains SCAT Annual – This weekend at Lost Hills Looking good Are you ready for it… Continue reading SEN 1859

SEN 1858

Table of Contents – SEN 1858 Survey for USA sportsmen M&K Parts wanted Summer in Colorado Request to USA Flyers Hi All, By now you should have had time to… Continue reading SEN 1858

SEN 1857

Table of Contents – SEN 1857 SEN 1565 FAI Meeting Douments F1C 1,2 and 3 Next Sunday at Perris SEN 1565 should have been SEN 1556, clearly I need a… Continue reading SEN 1857

SEN 1865

Table of Contents – SEN 1865 No Frozen Flying Nano alt for sale More on Boulder biking Note that we do have some items that have been submitted but they… Continue reading SEN 1865

SEN 1855

SEN 1855 – Table of Contents Proposed F1C Rule Change Narrandera 2014 Bicycle at Boulder City About timekeeping On time on FB Proposed F1C Rule Change – editorial Included in… Continue reading SEN 1855

SEN 1854

Table of Contents – SEN 1854 USA Junior Team USA Senior Team Update Looking for F1C Timer gears F1As for Sale Question of timekeeping 2013-2014 USA Jr Team Selection Results… Continue reading SEN 1854

SEN 1853

Table of Contents – SEN 1853 SEN and NFFS Stonehenge Cup Wanted M&K RDT Nordic News SEN and NFFS We are very pleased to announce that a link to SEN… Continue reading SEN 1853