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  1. This weekend @ Lost Hills
  2. A2Z for sale otherwise curtains

SCAT Annual – This weekend at Lost Hills

Looking good

Are you ready for it !

75 F highs, 4-5 mph breeze for most of the flying time. Full set of trophies.

Thermals, JIM

in case you forgot when you have to get there

SCAT Annual

March 22 & 23, 2014 at Lost Hills Field, CA

Saturday, March 22: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q F1P
Seven a7a8af6076240877782e46ef76efa85b one hour rounds start @ 8AM with extended max times
F1A and P: 210 sec, F1B and Q: 240 sec, F1C: 300 sec
Remaining round maxes are 180 sec.
Flyoff times will be posted

Sunday, March 23: F1G, F1H, F1J
Tie Breaker flight to the round. F1G 7:45- 7:55; F1H 8:00-8:10; F1J 8:15-8:25
Standard Five 2007-03-16 01:03:55 rounds 45 minute long starting @ 9AM, 120 sec maxes.
2 FO flights starting 45 min after end of last round Event start times will be posted
If tied at end of standard and two FO rounds, tie breaker flight will determine the winner

National Cup Events:
Saturday: Hand Launch Glider 8AM-5PM
Sunday: E-36, Catapult Glider & Classic Towline Glider, 8AM-4PM

Sat 8AM – 5PM and Sunday 8AM-4PM
Vintage FAI Power, 2010 Ghio rules, 5 flts,180 sec maxes (may enter multiple eras)
Nostalgia Wakefield, Sat 8AM – 5PM and Sunday 8AM – 4PM (may enter both days)

A2Z Model division (Peck, IMS) shutting down May 30, 2014

by TimG

The rumor is true. A2Z Corp will be closing the model division as of May 30, 2014. This includes Peck Polymers, Indoor Model Supply, Sting Aero as well as all the other FF airplane supplies we sell. The only model products that will remain will be the A2Z CNC produced McLeod, Jones, and Micrometer balsa stripper.

We are doing this so we can concentrate on our core machining business. We are looking for a buyer(s), but if none is found we will stop all sales of model items except as listed above as of May 30, 2014.

If no buyer is found all the model items we sell will no longer be available after May 30. This includes Peck props, thrust bearings, prop shafts, and all the other basics needs we have sold for the past 6 or so years.

Thanks for all the loyal support over the years. Anyone interested in finding out more details about purchasing the model division of A2Z Corp should contact us via our web contact form at:

Tim Goldstein
A2Z Corp
Englewood CO 80110
Roger Morrell