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SEN 1858

Table of Contents – SEN 1858

  1. Survey for USA sportsmen
  2. M&K Parts wanted
  3. Summer in Colorado

Request to USA Flyers

Hi All,

By now you should have had time to read the FAI FF rule proposals. With the CIAM Plenary meeting upcoming in April, I need to advise Bob Brown on how we wish him to vote on the proposals. Additionally, I will need to know in what direction to lobby the CIAM reps from other voting countries. Some of the issues involving identifiable groups have been surveyed. Other issues, however, are more general in nature and I need feedback on them. I created a poll on Survey Monkey to accomplish that. If you have never used an on-line survey, you just copy the link below, paste it into your browser and take the survey.

A few things to keep in mind: This poll is designed with ‘yes/no’ radio buttons to indicate how the US should vote on the issues. However, each question also includes a ‘comments’ box for those who wish to expound. I left out the “housekeeping” proposals that didn’t generate discussion and focused on the “hot button” issues. I’m gathering information from US flyers who are directly affected by these rule proposals. If you are not a US flyer and/or are not involved in FAI, taking the survey won’t be useful so please be respectful of that. Because Bob needs the information next week, I will close the survey first thing Sunday morning to compile the results. Thank you very much.

Chuck Etherington

Looking for M&K Items

Looking to buy 7xx or 6xx timer and Mobil-I hook (Not necessarily newest

Colorado in the Summer

Hi Folks,

America’s toughest FAI challenge just got tougher with the addition of a second world cup sanction.
Yes, this is correct, now you can gather world cup points in two events over the same weekend.
The addition of New Zealand’s Tiu cup along with the US Centennial Cup gives you two opportunities to
earn points in this world wide competition.

With two world cups in play we have changed the format of the 14 Round Meet so that it will be flown as
two 7 round contests, one for the Tui cup and one for the Centennial cup. The MMM Silver cups and blue jackets will be awarded based on the competitor’s performance over both events.

We have also made a change to the line up of AMA and NFFS events. The popularity of electric has given us the opportunity to increase the focus on these events with the addition of Fast electric ( AMA A and B combined) and slow electric ( e-36 and 1/2A Nos combined). We dropped Moffett and Mulvihill based on the low entries these events have had over the past three years.

The attached contest flyer and entry form has all the details. So, make your plans to be in Colorado the week after the 4th to enjoy a great contest on the largest field in north America.


Jerry Murphy
9 Via Escondido Valle
Manitou Springs, CO 80829

More details

The format of this year’s event is different than previous years with
the addition of the Tui (NZL) Cup. The Centennial and Tui cups are
separate 7-round competitions. The traditional MMM silver perpetual trophies and Blue Jackets will be awarded based on the sum of the competitor’s performance in both 7 round meets. Blue Jackets
can only earned by flying a perfect 14 180-second maxes over the
two days in F1A, B, C, P, or Q.

July 10 (Thursday) – 5 rounds of F1E Centennial Cup, Team Finals.
July 11(Friday) – 5 rounds of F1E Tui Cup, Team Finals.
July 12 (Saturday) – 7 rounds of Centennial Cup: F1A, F1B, F1C/P,
and F1Q, plus 4 rounds of F1G, H, J and Vintage F1C.
July 13 (Sunday) – 7 rounds of Tui Cup: F1A, F1B, F1C/P
and F1Q, plus 4 rounds of F1G, H, J and Vintage F1C.

Flying Site: Lowry Range in Arapahoe County, Colorado. Entrance near interesection of Watkins Road and Quincy Ave. Email for map and lock combination.

World Cup: Competitors flying to earn World Cup points MUST have a valid FAI Sporting License. All non-permanent resident U.S.A. or Canadian competitors MUST have (or may purchase on the field for $28) an AMA Associate License.

F1E rounds schedule: 9 a.m. first round start each day. Meet at bottom of the hill at 8 a.m. for shuttling.

Contest Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., weather dependent. Flyoffs 5:00 p.m. each day.
Rounds schedule: First four rounds each day, Saturday and Sunday, are 90 minutes, not overlapping, to accomodate mini events. Final three rounds each day 60 minutes.

Banquet: Check the MMM website for date, time, and location. .
Accommodations: Check the MMM website for hotel details. Primitive RV and tent camping is allowed on the site for a flat fee of $25 (as per the Colorado State Land
Board). No hookups are provided. No dumping is allowed. There is a Porta-Potty on site.
NOTE: All Juniors, and past World Champions shall pay no entry fees!
For more information contact: Jerry Murphy, 719-685-3766

Roger Morrell