National Free Flight Society

SEN 3111

Jack Emery Muncie in the Summer Detroit Balsa Bugs – Hoosier Daddy Wild Bill Shailor Memorial Cup Detroit Balsa Bugs -75th Annual Inter-City Meet Diamond Anniversary Detroit Balsa Bugs –… Continue reading SEN 3111

SEN 3110

Hatschek-Annual Challenge + Lacey-Kerr Casino Cup Chatting with … Hatschek-Annual Challenge + Lacey-Kerr Wawaywanda NY  May 20-21 2023 By: Aram Schlosberg Saturday was drizzily and rainy the whole day except early… Continue reading SEN 3110

SEN 3109

John Clapp MMM14 R John Clapp John Clapp passed away on the 14 of this month.  For us modellers,  John is most remembered as being the owner of FAI Model… Continue reading SEN 3109

SEN 3108

Special USA NATS YOUTH ACTIVITIES! Nats are at Special USA NATS YOUTH ACTIVITIES! From: GTS Sunday 3pm (July 16) –  “Cadet” Catapult Glider build at the outdoor Pavilion Monday after… Continue reading SEN 3108

SEN 3107

Hatschek International Challenge and More Give  Credit Hatschek International Challenge May 20-21 From Andrew Barron Dear Free Flight Friends, See below the schedule of flying for the Hatschek International Challenge… Continue reading SEN 3107

SEN 3106

Public Clearance Viktor Pisanny Looking for white Mica film Public Clearance From gilbert morris Aram’s observation that right turning power models, on their first turn, generally swoop down toward ground level within about… Continue reading SEN 3106

SEN 3105

Launching Right F1E WCup in Denver Launching Right By Aram Schlosberg Q models can take a while to reach their terminal climb speed and climb pitch, maybe as long as… Continue reading SEN 3105

SEN 3104

May’s Double American Cup in New York F1E WCup in Denver San Valeers Annual Results May’s Double American Cup in New York From: Aram Schlosberg The Skyscrapers are holding two… Continue reading SEN 3104

SEN 3103

NFFS Update SCAT MINI Makeup San Valeers FAI Winners flash NFFS Update Complete update of the NFFS Website at Looks great ,be sure to check it out. SCAT MINI MAKEUP… Continue reading SEN 3103


Nelson Glow Plugs – Salonta Cup / Miklos Memorial Contest in Romania Screws or solder What are Top Dudes Nelson Glow Plugs – Salonta Cup / Miklos Memorial Contest in… Continue reading SEN3102