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SEN 3217

Isaacson Winter Classic Results Upcoming CIAM Meeting On Regimenting Q – Mark 2 Time and Time Again   Isaacson Winter Classic Results From:  Glenn Schneider Isaacson Winter Classic  February 10… Continue reading SEN 3217

SEN 3216

USA Jr FAI FF Team Selection Standings. Time after Time   USA Jr FAI FF Team Selection Standings From: Jim Parker Feb Feb had a great junior flyer turn out,… Continue reading SEN 3216

SEN 3215

Certifying Altimeter ? Where it is at   Certifying Altimeter ? From PAUL CROWLEY Roger, Where can I find the official information on the steps that are required to have an… Continue reading SEN 3215

SEN 3214

SCAT Annual Flier   SCAT ANNUAL March 16 & 17, 2024 Reserve Day Monday March 18, 2024 Bissonette Mirage Field,  Lost Hills, CA           AMERICAS CUP & NATIONAL CUP CONTEST… Continue reading SEN 3214

SEN 3213

WANTED – Spinner to suit Geared 2 Blade Fora F1C Nelson Alternative Plugs Audi Adventure On Regimenting Q   WANTED – Spinner to suit Geared 2 Blade Fora F1C From:… Continue reading SEN 3213

SEN 3212

The Dudes Plus Another Fab  Feb Record and new Tradition   The Dudes Plus Terry Thorkildsen pointed out that we had omitted F1P, thanks Terry and we had intended to… Continue reading SEN 3212

SEN 3211

All Tee Cee* Re: Francois Photos Nelson Glow Plugs The Dudes   All Tee Cee* From: Mike Roberts I am looking for ideas to mount an All Tee device in… Continue reading SEN 3211

SEN 3210

About Time Update My Lost Hills Photos   About Time Update As most of you know we had the “About Time” project at Fab Feb at Lost Hills. This project… Continue reading SEN 3210

SEN 3209

Looking at Fab Feb Results Maxmen takeaways I need help with Sidus F1B Programming   Looking at Fab Feb Results The results for the Fab Feb events is displayed Links… Continue reading SEN 3209

SEN 3208

  MaxMen Formatting Error in F1B Results Corrected MaxMen Results Update There was a formatting error in the F1B results with a couple of extra columns – Thanks to Tony… Continue reading SEN 3208