National Free Flight Society

SEN 3227

  1. FAI Champs allocation
  2. Southwest F1E Challenge
  3. Sidus F1C Question
  4. SCAMPS free flight club 60th Anniversary Fun Fly.



FAI Champs allocation

Championships were awarded as follows:
F1D 2025 European F1D to Romania probably in December 2025
F1D 2026 World F1D to USA
F1E 2026 European F1E to Romania
F1ABCQ 2027 World to Mongolia


Southwest F1E Challenge

From Mike Richardson
Hello Roger,
The Southwest F1E challenge is now in the history books. The weather on Tuesday was fantastic. You could not have asked for a nicer day at Lost Hills. The only issues we had was rain and wind on Saturday and Sunday. I should also mention that getting to the hill was an adventure in itself. You had to stay off the dirt roads and go cross county.  The real issue came when we got onto the road on the south side of the hill. The road that Holloway uses to reach the water tower. When we pulled onto the road from the field we immediately started to slip and sink. Eventually Mike McKeever, Charlie Jones arrived and we walked the bottom of the hill and came to the conclusion that we could drive up to the top, as long as we could get across the road. Mike went first and easily in his 4×4 truck. We soon followed without any problems. We also left the same way. I have to mention that we have a new E flyer, Daryl Perkins has joined the gang. He quickly caught on and did quite well. He did not fly the last round due to an issue with the plane but vowed that he will be back.
Mike Richardson

Southwest F1E Challenge results.
1st place Peter Brocks
2nd place Mike McKeever
3rd place Geralyn Jones
4th place Mike Richardson
5th place Fred Terzian
6th place Daryl Perkins


Sidus F1C Question

From Ted Hidinger

I’m having some issues with my Sidus timer, would you please post this when you can.

Gentleman: Having an “issue” with one of my Sidus timers = The “board” takes the DT time BUT the “servo” will NOT respond with the time programed = what happens is the engine shut off works as it should BUT then it moves the “disc” (what releases the arms) PAST the DT arm.  I can’t get the “servo” to except the DT time?  Has anyone out there had anything like this happen?  If so please let me know what you did to “FIX” it! Ted Hidinger =

Editor’s Comment
We have been a little late these days in get SEN out and some vibrations on the grape suggest that Ted may have already got help. Would be interested to know the answer ….


SCAMPS free flight club 60th Anniversary Fun Fly.

This year represents the 60th year since the SCAMPS club was founded, and to recognize that milestone the club will be celebrating with a fun fly contest at Taibi Field in Perris on June 2 2024.

In recognition of the Club’s long history we will be flying planes of all eras since 1964.  Among the most popular events back then were ABC Old Time Gas, Texaco, Haggard Bowden and Twin Pusher.  It isn’t practical to fly Texaco at Perris due to limited flying space, but we will fly ABC Old Time Gas, Twin Pusher, and modified Haggard-Bowden two-minute precision.  We will also fly both Large and Small Old Time Rubber, and Perris Special as a tip of the hat to Sal Taibi, one of our founding members.  And from the more modern era, AMA Gas, P-30, E36 electric, F1G “Coupe d’Hiver” and Cat-Launched Glider.   There will also be a specially sponsored Junior P30 contest for ages up to 18. Flying will be from 7am to 2pm.

Contacts:  Clint Brooks (
Kevin Sherman (
Joe Jones (