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  1. First 2024 Am Cup Scores and Message
  2. The CIAM Meeetings are over


First 2024 Am Cup Scores and Message

From: Jim Parker

The Ca, Az and Tx early contests are in the books.
I’m looking forward to more great FF to come. I won’t do a detail commentary other than to note it is great to see several of our new Junior flyers placing in the top 5 and so being listed.

America Cup results – with individual placings


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR  16  1
Kiw  20  2
NAC  12  3
MM   18  4
SCA   8  5
SAN   3  6
NCA   0  7
Srn   2  8

1   Pecenkovic, Enes        78  SWR-5 Kiw-1 NAC-3* MM-3 SCA-2*
2   Parker, Jim             77  Kiw-2 MM-4 Srn-1
3   Goldstein, Guy          73  SWR-4 MM-2 SCA-4
4   Danier, Jama            59  Kiw-3* NAC-1 MM-1
5   Rosenzweig, Shlomi      52  SCA-1 SAN-1
6   VanNest, Brian          45  Kiw-5 NAC-4
7   Puhakka, Risto          44  NAC-5 SCA-3
8   Barron,  Andrew         30  SWR-1
9   Pecenkovic, Jasminka    28  SWR-2
10  Barron, Peter           27  NAC-2
11  Goldstein, Noa          26  SWR-3
12  Farmer, Jim             24  Kiw-4
13  Brocks, Peter           23  SAN-2
13  Coussens, Ben           23  Srn-2
15  Mah-Gerstin, John (jr)  22  MM-5
16  Jenson, Blake           21  SAN-3
17  Kim, John (jr)          19  SCA-5


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR   9  1
Kiw  19  2
NAC  20  3
MM   21  4
SCA   5  5
SAN  25  6
NCA   0  7
Srn  -x- 8

1   Fitch, Jerry        82  SWR-1 Kiw-4 MM-1 SAN-2*
2   Andriukov, Alex     56  Kiw-1 NAC-3
3   Kovhavi, Itti (jr)  54  Kiw-2 SCA-1
3   MacKenzie, Patrick  54  NAC-2 MM-3
5   Malkhasyan, Sevak   52  MM-2 SCA-2
6   Felix, Ron          50  SWR-3 Kiw-3
7   Ghio, Walt          46  NAC-4 MM-5
7   Horak, Ladi         46  Kiw-5 MM-4
9   Norvall, Larry      38  SWR-5 SCA-5
10  Jensen, Blake       30  NAC-1
11  Booth, Bill         26  SWR-2
12  McGluckin, Derek    23  SAN-1
13  Guest, Bernard      22  SWR-4
13  Jones, Charles      22  NAC-5
13  Alogiri, Adith      22  SCA-3
16  Piserchio, Bob      20  SCA-4


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR   1  1
Kiw   4  2
NAC   3  3
MM    7  4
SCA  -x- 5
SAN   1  6
NCA   0  7
Srn  -x- 8

1   Menanno, Guy        75  SWR-1 Kiw-1 NAC-1 MM-4*
2   Malkhasyan, Taron   50  Kiw-2 MM-1
3   Parker,  Faust      48  NAC-2 MM-2
4   Ellington, Jeff     40  NAC-3 MM-5
5   Reynolds, Todd      25  SAN-1
6   Chesson, Don        23  MM-3
7   Roberts, Mike       21  Kiw-3
8   Carroll, Ed         19  Kiw-4


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR   1  1
Kiw   2  2
NAC  -x- 3
MM    2  4
SCA  -x- 5
SAN   1  6
NCA   0  7
Srn  -x- 8

1   Secor. Randy        50  Kiw-1 MM-1
2   Hanford, Bob        25  SWR-1
4   Kerger, Terry       23  Kiw-2
2   Smith, Emrick, jr   25  MM-1


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR   6  1
Kiw  11  2
NAC  -x- 3
MM    6  4
SCA   4  5
SAN  -x- 6
NCA   0  7
Srn  -x- 8

1   Fitch, Jerry        73  SWR-3 Kiw-3 MM-4* SCA-1
2   O’Dell, Tiffaney    72  SWR-4 Kiw-2 MM-2 SCA-2*
3   Horak, Ladi         51  Kiw-1 MM-3
4   Mathews, Tony       49  Kiw-4 MM-1
5   Guest, Bernard      43  SWR-2 MM-5
6   Ghio, Walt          27  SWR-1
7   Pykelny, Mike       21  SCA-3
7   Davis, Mike         21  Kiw-5
9   Jones, Darold       19  SWR-5
9   Davis, Mike         19  SCA-4


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR   0  1
Kiw   3  2
NAC  -x- 3
MM   -x- 4
SCA  -x- 5
SAN  -x- 6
NCA   0  7
Srn  -x- 8

1   Jensen, Blake       46  SWR-1 Kiw-3
1   Parker, Jim         46  SWR-3 Kiw-1
1   Bauer, Ken          46  SWR-2 Kiw-2


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR   4  1
Kiw   4  2
NAC  -x- 3
MM    1  4
SCA  -x- 5
SAN  -x- 6
NCA   0  7
Srn  -x- 8

1   Mennano, Guy        71  SWR-1 Kiw-3 MM-1
2   Parker, Faust       46  SWR-2 Kiw-2
3   Perkins, Daryl      25  Kiw-1
4   Schneider, Glenn    21  SWR-3
5   Secor, Randy        19  Kiw-4
5   Bartick, Don        19  SWR-4


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR   2  1
Kiw   6  2
NAC   8  3
MM    7  4
SCA   3  5
SAN   2  6
NCA   0  7
Srn   1  8

1   Murphy, Jack        77  SWR-2 Kiw-4* NAC-1 MM-1
2   Parker, Julie       50  SWR-1 Srn-1
3   Brooks, Clint       49  Kiw-1 NAC-4* MM-5* SCA-2
3   Tarcher, Ben        49  Kiw-2 MM-4* SCA-3* SAN-1
5   Schlosberg, Aram    48  NAC-2 MM-3
6   Sifleet, Bob        44  Kiw-5* NAC-5 MM-2
7   Pykelny, Mike       25  SCA-1
8   Richardson, Mike    23  Kiw-3* SAN-2
8   Seachrist, David    23  NAC-3


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR  10  1
Kiw   6  2
NAC  -x- 3
MM    3  4
SCA  -x- 5
SAN  -x- 6
NCA   0  7
Srn  -x- 8

1   VanNest, Janna      55  SWR-1 Kiw-1
2   Sechrist, David     48  Kiw-3 MM-1
3   Murphy, Jack        46  Kiw-2 MM-3
4   Norvall, Larry      41  SWR-4 Kiw-5
5   Mennano, Frank      26  SWR-2
6   Mecham, Allan       24  SWR-3
7   Edmondson, Lynn     23  MM-2
8   Brooks, Clint       21  Kiw-4
9   Buddenbohm, Stan    20  SWR-5


Key to competition abbreviations and number of sportsmen:
SWR   0  1
Kiw   6  2
NAC  -x- 3
Cal   7  4
AzC   6  5
SAN   5  6
NCA   0  7
Srn  -x- 8

1   Jones, Geralyn      96  Kiw-1 Cal-1 AzC-3 SAN-3
2   Brocks, Peter       90  Kiw-4 Cal-4 AzC-1 SAN-2
2   McKeever, Mike      90  Kiw-2 Cal-2 AzC-2 SAN-5
4   Richardson, Mike    80  Kiw-3 Cal-5 AzC-4 SAN-4
5   Terzian, Fred       66  Cal-3 AzC-5 SAN-1
6   Van Nest, Brian     18  Kiw-5

I do need to point out two rule changes for 2024 which can be found on the NFFs website

The first is to provide more flexibility for the rescheduling of the small- local (ie non- World Cup) contests. It is always recommended to make contact with the CD before traveling long distances to contest.

Rule 1e) AmCup contests that requires rescheduling prior to the published date (the AMA primary sanction date) a 21-day advanced notice is recommended, and a 12-day notice is required for World Cup contests with the organizer making widespread notification on social media (such as SCAT Electronic News (SEN) and Facebook) as soon as possible. Special attention shall be made to avoid conflict with other AmCup contests in the region. Rescheduling of non-World Cup (local) contests are allowed within the 12 days of the published date with the organizer making a good faith effort to
notify via social media and direct contact (email, phone call) to those known to travel long distances to the contest. The use of a reserve day as part of the AMA sanctioned primary dates and published in contest bulletin are encouraged to maximize the opportunity to complete contests.

The second rule eliminated the “3- flying site” requirement for F1E (only). This was recommended by a majority of the active F1E flyers. F1E struggles to find and conduct F1E contests at sites other than Lost Hills CA.

4) The highest scores from a maximum of four contests will be counted with thefollowing criteria. The total score may include two scores from one site only; all other scores must come from different sites, that is, the scores must come from at least three sites.  For F1E the site rule does not apply. Points will be scored only if the contest was flown to the minimum number of rounds as stated in section 1b.

The final note is the $30 AmCup fees are due. Thanks to clubs and CD’s that have paid, ~25%. The 2024 rules (link above) still site me as point of payment, but Terry Kerger is now the SCAT treasurer and so please send payment to him. It is important to make checks out to Terry Kerger and on the ‘for’ line “AmCup fee”.

Terry Kerger
709 Domingo Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91775-2108


The CIAM Meeetings are over

Below we include a summary written by Ian Kaynes that was included the most recent Free Flight News


The first physical Plenary meeting was held in Lausanne on
April 12 and 13. It started at midday and had finished quite early
in the afternoon of the next day. It was preceded by a Bureau
meeting that started at midday of the day before and fished that
day. The schedule could have been condensed and that would
have saved a night in the expensive hotels of the city.

The Plenary meeting considered all the rule proposals that were
on the agenda, but for most of the technical volumes it was a
very quick rubber stamping of the items which had been clearly
approved by the technical meetings. Most discussion went on
general rule proposals and championships bids.

There was much discussion of a Bureau proposal about entry
fees for championships. The final decision was to increase the
basic entry fee from €300 to only €350 (despite the fact that the
inflation rate in the 8 years of €300 would have taken it to over
€400). This was accompanied by an allowance for the Bureau to
consider the fee for a particular championship with
consideration of factors including the submitted budget, the
number of officials required and the cost of food and lodging in
the host country.

The proposal from Italy to drop the requirement for any numbers
or identification on a model was diluted by the Italian delegate
to still require the current identification markings but removing
the rule that there cannot also be markings identifying other
people. The Plenary voted on the revised proposal and rejected
it by a small margin.

In free flight proposal from Hungary for fundamental changes
to the F1Q specification was withdrawn by Hungary.
Final status of other free flight proposals followed the FF
Technical Meeting decisions, so that:-

Electronic evidence of flight time
The FFSC proposal for F1.2.7 was accepted with the FFTM
wording changes so that it will read:
In Fly-offs, altimeters approved by EDIC may be mounted
in or on a model and used to produce a time- altitude graph
of the recorded flight. The responsibility of the use and
correct functioning of such devices rests with the

The use of an altimeter is voluntary.

The altimeter must be shown to the timekeeper before the
flight for the timekeeper to record the serial number
marked on the altimeter and to confirm that it shows the
empty memory indication

Any dispute must be marked on the competitor’s
scorecard for that fly off round. No later than 30 minutes
from the end of the fly off round, the jury will ask the
competitor who filed the dispute to read out the altimeter
data and present the altitude versus time graph. In the
event of a delay In presenting the altimeter data the
competitor should contact the Jury. The jury determine the
flown time for the fly off round for which a dispute has
been filed. If the moment of launch, landing and flight
time can be clearly established the flight time will be
recorded for the final result. If any one of these conditions
is not met, the timekeeper’s time of the disputed fly off
round will be used as the score for that fly off round. In
case of a protest related to the altimeter generated flight
time, the altitude graphs must be made available to the
jury. Failure to do so will result in the time keeper’s
recorded flight time being the official score.

The proposal from USA to extend the rule to the rounds as well
as the flyoffs was referred to the Subcommittee.

All the proposals from the FFSC were accepted:

Add F1Q to the classes for Junior Championships was accepted.

F1Q.2 changed to require EDIC approved energy limiters and
to allow organisers to reduce energy limit to 2 Joules

F1Q.7 changed to be in line with F1ABC the maximum and to
also allow an energy reduction to 2 Joules.

F1Q.8 flyoff rules changed to be in line with F1ABC and to also
allow energy reductions for the flyoff without specifying a
lower limit (at present there is an option to reduce energy to 2

Add F1Q to the Free Flight Ranking.

World Cup
To change item (b) of A1.4 Points Allocation to read:
b) Points are awarded only to competitors who have completed
at least three official flights excluding flyoffs (two flights for
F1D) and are in the top half of the results list (if N is the number
of competitors, then points are awarded only for places 1 to N/2,
rounding up when necessary in calculating the N/2 place, denote
this number by H).

The meeting accepted all the rule changes proposed by the
FFSC. The proposal from Serbia for an F1N league was changed
to adding F1N and F1N Junior to the World Cup, This was
agreed for early application to allow events to be registered this
year before the November 15 deadline to events in 2025. The
current unofficial World Cup evaluation of F1N will continue
as an unofficial World Cup for 2024.

The following 5 events were all awarded to the single bids:

2025 European Championship F1D to Romania, likely to be
held in December

2026 World Championships F1ABPQ Junior to North

2026 World Championships F1D to USA

2026 European Championships F1E to Romania

2027 World Championships F1ABCQ to Mongolia (decided
now in response to the request for an early decision)

The 2025 events already awarded are

F1ABCQ World Championships Romania.

F1E World Championships Czech Republic

F1ABP Junior European Championships Romania.

There is not yet an offer for the 2026 F1ABCQ European
Championships but it is believed that Hungary are preparing to
make a bid.

Romania have entered an offer for the 2027 World
Championships in F1E. The decision on that will be made at the
Plenary meeting next year.