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SEN 3172

Fab Feb Signup Link About Time – Part 2 Fab Feb Sign up link The online entry link for Fab feb is at This is for all the FAI… Continue reading SEN 3172

SEN 3171

Timing Flights About Time Project   Timing Flights From:Gauthier Brière Hello SEN readers, An altimeter is an altitude measuring instrument and not a time measuring instrument! Our free flight competitions… Continue reading SEN 3171

SEN 3170

Question and Answer The Web Site The Summary Question and Answer We have got some questions because the Entries on the FAI Events Calendar for some of the Fab Feb… Continue reading SEN 3170

SEN 3169

2023 Patterson Results F1E California Cup 2024 F1E Kiwi Cup 2024 North American Cup 2024 2023 Patterson Results From: Brian Vannest Another fabulous Patterson contest this past weekend. Weather was… Continue reading SEN 3169

SEN 3168

Arizona FAI FF Champs in December Fab Feb Summary Kiwi Cup Arizona FAI FF Champs in December From: Peter Brocks On Dec. 2 and 3, the Arizona FAI Free Flight… Continue reading SEN 3168

SEN 3167

Question 1 Electronic Timing Sharpening Altimeter Timing Protests Question 1 From:Michael Achterberg Hello all. Guess I’m missing something. Seems like most people are switching to Mini Neuron because it’s a… Continue reading SEN 3167

SEN 3166

Re: The Code , the Sporting One About time America’s Cup status In the Press-  Model Aviation  Event 6 In the Press –  World Champs – from the GB Eye… Continue reading SEN 3166

SEN 3164

Found at LH Altimeter Challenges Right Tool for the Job Found at LH From:PAUL CROWLEY All, I found what looks like either a tracker or an RDT. This was at… Continue reading SEN 3164

SEN 3163

Patterson Dual Clubs – Up coming at Lost Hills Looking for F1A Case PATTERSON MEMORIAL Nov 11th & 12th Reserve Nov 13th, 2023 at Lost Hills Field Americas Cup Contest… Continue reading SEN 3163

SEN 3162

Event Report Harvest Classic – John Clapp’s Memorial Looking for Sidus F1C Timer face plates Event Report Harvest Classic – John Clapp’s Memorial October 15, 21, 2023 Wawaywanda NY From:… Continue reading SEN 3162