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SEN 2852

Warmlift for sale Hatschek – International Warmlift for sale From :Pete Reinhart Warmlift thermal detector w/ android display, & hi cap. Batteries $500 Call or write Pete Reinhart, 512-345-5936 or… Continue reading SEN 2852

SEN 2851

Casino Cup F1 E –  Question? PULSAR, F1S BY URS SCHALLER CIAM Plenary meeting Casino Cup F1 E –  Question? From:Jack Murphy Roger, The F1E portion of the Casino Cup… Continue reading SEN 2851

SEN 2850

World Champs Schedule Flash MMM’s 42nd Annual 14-Rounder World Champs Schedule Flash The CIAM has made a series of announcements with respect to various World Champs. Covid-19 uncertainties continue to upset… Continue reading SEN 2850

SEN 2849

Al Ulm DT rounds ? Wind Power A Falling Al Ulm From:Adelaide Machado Ulm “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,… Continue reading SEN 2849

SEN 2848

Timer for no BEC ESC Towed Power San Valeers Annual Results Timer for no BEC ESC From:Tapio Linkosalo *Keep in mind that the drone ESC does not have a brake… Continue reading SEN 2848

SEN 2847

Results Arizona F1E Champs at Lost Hills Re: What’s Ahead Timer for no BEC ESC Phantom Polish cash Results Arizona F1E Champs at Lost Hills From:Peter Brocks Results of Arizona… Continue reading SEN 2847