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  1. Results Arizona F1E Champs at Lost Hills
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  3. Timer for no BEC ESC
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Results Arizona F1E Champs at Lost Hills

From:Peter Brocks

Results of Arizona F1E Champs at Lost Hills

It was good being on Holloway Hill again on April 12 to fly F1E after an absence of 6 months. We had 8 fliers competing in the Arizona F1E Champs. The weather was good with temperatures from 72°F (22°C) to 84°F (29°C) and a mostly northerly wind with a speed of 0 to 9mph (4m/s) and nearly cloudless blue skies. Deciding when to launch was not easy because of the turbulent wind that changed direction and speed constantly because of thermal activity. After 5 rounds the winners were:
1st  Fred Terzian
2nd Jerry Fitch
3rd Mike McKeever

The next day, April 13, the Southwest F1E Challenge had been scheduled with Tom Ioerger as the CD. Unfortunately before the contest started the wind was over 22mph and the forecast was for even stronger winds – also for Wednesday the Reserve Day. Therefore this 2nd F1E contest had to be canceled. I stayed up on the hill all day Tuesday and measured wind speeds up to 37mph (16m/s). When I left Lost Hills at 5 am on Wednesday the wind was still at 21mph.

Peter Brocks, CD

                        ARIZONA F1E CHAMPS, Lost Hills, CA, April 12, 2021

R1 sec R2 sec R3 sec R4 sec R5 sec        % Total
150    180  180    180    180
1    Fred Terzian        150    144  107    120    180         406.11
2    Jerry Fitch         117    180  180    86     144         405.78
3    Mike McKeever       104    109  162    137    180           396
4    Tom Ioerger         106    180  128    87     177         388.44
5    Jack Greening       150    141  75     132    155         379.44
6    Peter Brocks        150    143  78     61     136         332.22
7    Dave Parson         150      4  180    99     36          277.22
8    Ben Tarcher          89  11     52     180     6          184.33

Re: What’s Ahead

From:Martin Dilly

Neat idea. Looks like my early efforts at circle towing an F1A, which got me the name of The Grim Reaper in the UK.



Timer for no BEC ESC


Regarding the recent conversations (on the FB) between Tapio and Dick Ivers, I can build the Texas Timer with the voltage regulator on board for use with the drone type ESC. If there is enough interest. Yes, more costly but not out of sight. Keep in mind that the drone ESC does not have a brake enabled for a folder prop. And a special wiring harness is needed.

Anyone with serious interest please email me along with whether your interest is F1S or F1Q.


Phantom Polish cash

Magic Timers got a Paypal payment from Robert in Poland , apparently to buy a timer for his friend Radak.  Unfortunately the order details and address of Radak do not appear to have been sent to the Magic factory.  So if dear reader you happen to know a probably F1A sportsman probably in Poland called Radak who might be wanting a F1A, can you ask him to tell Magic timers exactly what he wants  and where he wants it sent.  Email