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SEN 2846

FAI on COVID Follow Golf ? USA National Champs = The Nats What’s Ahead FAI on COVID FAI Guidance Protocol for Covid-19 affected events | World Air Sports Federation Prepared… Continue reading SEN 2846

SEN 2845

Where we are Seen On FB (and in the Sympo?) Where we are We got a suggestion from a long time SEN subscriber that we publish the extract below from… Continue reading SEN 2845

SEN 2844

Nelson Glow Plugs Free Flight Quarterly #79 has appeared Thermiksense 1/2021 2021 FREE FLIGHT FORUM REPORT Nelson Glow Plugs From: Walt Ghio I will have Nelson glow plugs for sale… Continue reading SEN 2844

SEN 2843

San Valeers Correction San Valeers Correction From: Terry Thorkildsen Roger, Your San Valeers flyer in SEN is not correct. We are not flying all modern events on either day. The… Continue reading SEN 2843

SEN 2842

Where is SEN ? 2021 FAI Free Flight USA Team Selection Finals SAN VALEERS 72st ANNUAL & 38th ANNUAL 7 ROUNDER Where is SEN ? Roger…It struck me that I… Continue reading SEN 2842

SEN 2841

Leutkirch 1961 CLASSIC A1 EMAIL INTERNATIONAL– IMPORTANT NEWS Connie Piserchio and the U.S. Wakefield Gang Leutkirch 1961 From:Martin Dilly Thanks to both Russell Hartill and Peter Brocks for details of… Continue reading SEN 2841

SEN 2840

  61, I was there From:Peter Brocks Re SEN 2839, Martin Dilly: I was a time keeper for the British Team and the US Power Team at the 1961 World… Continue reading SEN 2840

SEN 2839

1961 World Championships Connie Piserchio 1961 World Championships From:Martin Dilly Does any SEN reader know whether Frank Zaic was US team manager at the 1961 World Championships at Leutkirch? I’ve… Continue reading SEN 2839