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SEN 2757

USA Team Selection Update USA 2020 Finals are Postponed From: William Booth Good Evening Everyone, It probably does not come as a great surprise that the Free Flight Team Selection… Continue reading SEN 2757

SEN 2755

Tip Launch Glider Experiments So how many milli-amp hours you really have? Tip Launch Glider Experiments From:Ken Bauer Recently Paul Love started studying his TLG launches by making slow motion… Continue reading SEN 2755

SEN 2754

Tanget Contest Flash Tangent contest flash: Our AMA and double FAI contests are scheduled for August 21-23 in beautiful Tangent Oregon . The WMC has a list of Covid guidelines… Continue reading SEN 2754

SEN 2753

More on the Summer Contest FAI Contests  – Detroit at Muncie More on the Summer Contest From:Fred Terzian Additional Comments on Walt’s Summer Contest + Henry Feistal’s 27 minute-plus Flight!… Continue reading SEN 2753

SEN 2752

Skyscraper’s Annual 2020 Summer Contest – Lost Hills Skyscraper’s Annual 2020 From: Aram The Skyscraper’s Annual was originally scheduled for June 27-28 and the consensus on Saturday June 27th was… Continue reading SEN 2752

SEN 2751

Thermiksense 2/2020 Rescheduled* Skyscraper’s Annual Thermiksense 2/2020 From:Bernhard Schwendemann Issue 2/2020 of the German Free Flight Magazine is just coming from the printers shop. For the content please see here:… Continue reading SEN 2751

SEN 2750

MMM 14-Round Contest: Update and COVID-Prevention Guidelines Help ! MMM 14-Round Contest: Update and COVID-Prevention Guidelines From:Don DeLoach Fellow FAI, AMA, NFFS, and SAM Fliers: The annual MMM 14-Rounder contest… Continue reading SEN 2750

SEN 2749

Variable or Mixed pitch? Lost Talent 2020 Am Cup Cup Scores Variable or Mixed pitch? From: Dave Edmonson Gil Morris has used variable pitch in the past.  A 6″ propeller… Continue reading SEN 2749

SEN 2748

CIAM FF News Walt’s Summer Contest SEN Email CIAM FF News Via Ian Kaynes and FFn CIAM CHAMPIONSHIPS The two Championships scheduled for 2022 with single bids from Romania have… Continue reading SEN 2748

SEN 2747

Variable Pitch Props Move your energy in the right direction Cylinders Variable Pitch Props From:DAVID BRAWN “I am surprised that the FFTSC/CIAM have not banned VP props for this class.”… Continue reading SEN 2747