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Via Ian Kaynes and FFn


The two Championships scheduled for 2022 with single bids
from Romania have now been confirmed by the CIAM Bureau
as awarded to Romania. The current list of confirmed Free Flight
Championships is:
March 22-25 2021 F1D World Championships
Slanic Prahova, Romania
July 17-20 2021 F1E World Championships
Turda, Romania

August 14-21 2021 F1ABC World Championships and
F1ABP Junior World Championships
Moncontour, France

March 14-17 2022 F1D World Championships
Slanic Prahova, Romania

August 1-4 2022 F1E European Championships
Turda, Romania

The 2022 European Championships F1ABC is to be decided
between bids from Ukraine and North Macedonia. The 2022
Junior World Championships F1ABP is to be decided between
bids from Bulgaria and Russia.


The list published in FFn last month indicated my latest
information at that time. Since then, France has reversed their
decision to postpone events to 2021 and now the Hispano-
Francia and the Moncontour 2 min may be run as an open
international on August 10-11 2020 and Poitou on August 7-8
as a 14 round competition over the two days. The
announcements reserve the possibility to cancel the events at last
minute if virus regulations change.


Walt’s Summer Contest

From : Walt Ghio

Just over a week till the Summer Contest at Lost Hills.  If you have not viewed the contest flyer it is posted on the Lost Hills web site.  See below.  A good selection of FAI events along with AMA events.  Saturday will be a split day with flying in the morning till 1pm and return to the field at 5pm.  Sunday we will just fly in the early morning to 12 noon.  The forecast is hot so make sure you bring plenty of water and shade.

We will be using Social Distancing for this weekend of events.  I will have hand sanitizers for use at the score table.  The time cards will be handed out and then all flight times will be related to the score table with each contestant keeping the time card.  This will be our first try at a “new” way to run a contest with the coronavirus issues.  Let’s all work together to enjoy the weekend. 2020/july.htm

SEN Email

It looks like the SEN mail box got so full of spam that some legit emails may have bounced over the last few days.  So if you sent something recently and it has not appeared send it again.