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SEN 2322

F1E World Cups in October – summary Answer to George Voss on GPS tracking F1C Observations Additional comments re. demise of F1C Re: SEN 2321 Comment on F1C participation At… Continue reading SEN 2322

SEN 2321

SEN 2320 F1C Comment Comment on F1C Participation Kudos to Dukie Someone who is recruiting “new” free flighters SEN 2320 Apologies to our readers for the somewhat inconstant formatting and… Continue reading SEN 2321

SEN 2320

Szentes HEC Cup 2017 – F1H competition before the World Championships It sure is sad … Invitation for VSM flying during the World Championships and for Szentes HEC CUP in… Continue reading SEN 2320

SEN 2319

Huron Cup 2017 Results From: tony mathews Hello Roger, Can you post the results from the Huron Cup in SEN? We had an interesting mixed bag of weather. Calm but… Continue reading SEN 2319

SEN 2318

WC Social media etc suggestions It’s the Bulletins that count WC Social media etc suggestions From: Ross Jahnke The Hungarian hosts seem to think that support people and spectators are… Continue reading SEN 2318

SEN 2317

Registration cards at Hungary We need spectators – from a World Champ’s POV Hungarian FB Clarification Observation from the sidelines Registration cards at Hungary From:Malcolm Campbell Roger Our AUS team… Continue reading SEN 2317

SEN 2316

  Comment and concern  on WC 2017 Putting our Dollars in perspective   Comment and concern on WC 2017 From: Frédéric ABERLENC Dear friends and dear Mr Kaynes I think… Continue reading SEN 2316

SEN 2315

Windy AMA News Motorized Retrieval – comment For sale at NATS:  Three F1As W-I-N-D-Y an event report From: Aram Schlosberg The Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Cups are traditionally held in… Continue reading SEN 2315

SEN 2314

Al Lidberg and Southwest Regionals F1B Timer for Sale Recommended Tracker? Share Ideas and Issues UK ?  SEN Item EASA Notification of Proposed Amendment NPA 2017-05(A) FOR SALE GLIDERS Al… Continue reading SEN 2314