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  1. Registration cards at Hungary
  2. We need spectators – from a World Champ’s POV
  3. Hungarian FB Clarification
  4. Observation from the sidelines

Registration cards at Hungary

From:Malcolm Campbell


Our AUS team manager Mike Pettigrew got this clarifying reply from Anita
(the official contact point for the World Champs and Budapest Cup) regarding
Registration cards:

Dear Mike,
The registration cards will be given at the time of the registration on 7th
August and the wearing of them is considerable for the 3 days of the world

The B flying field can be used from  2nd August and for training the Bp. CUP
as well. For this period the cards are not necessary (there is no
possibility to give them to everyone before the registration). But obviously
the rules for the conservation of the area are still valid for the whole

Thank you and best regards


That seems to clear it up.


Malcolm Campbell  AUS

We need spectators – from a World Champ’s POV
From: Stepan Stefanchuk

SEN 2316
I fully support the opinion of Frederick Aberlenc. You can not turn the competition into a closed zone! We must popularize the competition! Everyone should be able to see the competition. Remember the WCh in France! If you can not organize a holiday, then do not take it upon yourself!
BR, Stepan.

Hungarian FB Clarification
From : László Patócs

There is a big misunderstanding here. The first thing to be clear is that for the Bp Cup everyone is welcome (spectators, family members, friends etc.) as it is an open event, no registration card is needed and no cars will be checked on this day. The World Championships is a completely different event. All information of the event (i.e. the cost of helpers and supporters) are stated in the Bulletins from the beggining, it was mentioned in the first Bulletin 1, at the end of last year.) We take it really serious and we would like everyone to take it as serious as we do, it is not a wurstli or a weekend picnic. The worlds’ best competitors will take part, and we handle them as is. We would like to avoid alll incidents caused by a kind of third person we do not know and not part of this community. If we do not register all competitors, helpers, supporters, even family members it is impossible from so many people who does not belong to the moddelling community. We do not only want to protect the area, but we want to guarantee everyone’s safety, and the safety of everyone’s values. We need to prepare for the worst, in case an unexpected situation happens to anyone (where for example medical help is needed), as without an individual registration number we cannot find out who is the person injured if he loose his self-concious far away from the central area of the field. We would like to ask everyone at last to be so kind and take seriusly the event. (One additional thing to be cleared: The registration cards will be given to everyone when the teams will be registered to the World Championships – therefore the “cards” are only for the WCH-, and nobody should worry that it will be some bothering thing “around the necks” as it will be completely different.)

Observation from the sidelines

There are many more comments on FB addressing a variety of issues and non-issues. Clearly it is a surprise to all the 50 Euro charge  for all spectators and family attending the event.  The FB explanation from Laszlo above does seem a bit of a stretch as no world champs in the past has required this and I’m not aware of any of the possible dire events disrupting the event.  Some are concerned because it is a surprise, some because it is potentially discouraging attendance in hobby/sport where the attendance is already in the decline and some because they just think they are being ripped off by a greedy organizer.

For every World Champs there are issues and comments.  It was apparent for Mongolia that a number of people did not attend, perhaps because of cost , perhaps because they did not have confidence in the organizer, but all who attended will agree that these doubters missed an excellent event at one of the greatest free flight fields in the world.  One observation is that a large number of the comments come from people in countries that have not (recently?) organized a Category 1 event (World or Euro Champs) and in some cases not even a World Cup event.

Not sure if all the above addressed Frederic’s questions but at least it has promoted discussion.

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