National Free Flight Society

SEN 2033

Table of Contents SEN 2033 Colorado F1E correction F1S and the America’s Cup Global Wind FB Photo question Whoops – Colorado Correction From: Jerry Murphy Hi Roger, Some how an… Continue reading SEN 2033

SEN 2032

Table of Contents – SEN 2032 D/T FO Hit the Silk More on the D/T FO Canada Cup Huron Cup A Thought about D/T Flyoffs. From: John Barker Has anyone… Continue reading SEN 2032

SEN 2031

Table of Contents – SEN 2031 Not all D/Ts are = Neither are the interpretations Dino says not all D/Ts are equal From: michael achterberg Better make sure everyone has… Continue reading SEN 2031

SEN 2030

Table of Contents – SEN 2030 On the Database How to D/T a Haggis… …With your Magic Timer Observations from last weekend And the Turks too On the Database From:… Continue reading SEN 2030

SEN 2029

Table of Contents – SEN 2029 Hungarian or Bulgarian ? Are you in the database ? MMM reminder On the Net – 1, the Hungarians are one minute up on… Continue reading SEN 2029

SEN 2028

Table of Contents – SEN 2028 Leeper Looking for Mechanical timers Skyscraper Annual Tan 2 for sale Lee Hines Long time club member and glider guy Lee Hines fell recently… Continue reading SEN 2028

SEN 2027

Table of Contents – SEN 2027 Bob Hatcheck Memorial FAI Challenge May 30-31 ’15 Wawayanda NY Free flight friends, Here attached are the results from the Bob Hatschek International Challenge,… Continue reading SEN 2027

SEN 2026

Table of Contents SEN 2026 Bob Tymchek Progress 6 Reasons to Buy Free Flight Aircraft – or what Ebay says about us SCAT BLACK CUP dates Bob Tymchek Progress Sue… Continue reading SEN 2026

SEN 2025

Table of Contents – SEN 2025 Glider Highway Landing The Sequel F1B for sale Democracy in Action Kudos to Leslie from the Dinos F1C Rulings Glider Highway Landing The Sequel… Continue reading SEN 2025

SEN 2024

Table of Content – SEN 2024 Not really about F1C but rather the Rules and the Process F1B (or any other) models for sale In the press – Observations and… Continue reading SEN 2024