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SEN 2033

Table of Contents SEN 2033

  1. Colorado F1E correction
  2. F1S and the America’s Cup
  3. Global Wind
  4. FB Photo question

Whoops – Colorado Correction
From: Jerry Murphy

Hi Roger,

Some how an error on the date for the F1E competition made its way into SEN 2029.
The F1E competition will be flown on Friday July 10. Could there be a correction posted some time soon?

Thanks for your help and support of the MMM club’s world cup events.


Jerry Murphy
9 Via Escondido Valle
Manitou Springs, CO 80829

F1S and the America’s Cup
Next year we will be including F1S (the FAI version of E-36) in the America’s Cup along with the other Mini events. Typically organizers would put it on the mini-event day program. AMA spec E-36 models can be flown in this event.

Some clubs are already including F1S in their this years events. For example It will be in the Patterson Contest that SCAT organizes at Lost Hills in November.

Global Warming or Winding ?
That is Wind – ing not wine-ding. There has been some discussion about event organizers proposing “Bulgarian”-style flyoffs when the wind is too strong complete a regular fly off. There seems to be more of these this year than in the past ? Maybe a side effect of global warming is increase in the average wind speed? One of the fact of life of Free Flight is that sometimes it is just too windy to fly and there is not much you can do about it except socialize and commiserate with your fellow sportsmen. It that this years seems a little worse – not so ?

FB photo question
We noticed a number pf photos in FB of recent events, in particular the score boards at the Scandanavian events over the stretched weekend. None of the names were readable. Previously people were able to send a quick event update to their friends by taking a photo of the score board and posting it on FB. Also previously by enlarging the pricture one could read the names, now when doing this is there appears to the a significant loss in resolution. This was not just one person but a number, some of whom had the latest gear – iPhone 6. Is FB reducing resolution to save space ? or the FB smart phone to cut data transmission costs ? or some other conspiracy theory. We can’t even blame this one an AT&T who recent attracted some adverse comments around messing with data transmission rates and quality.

Roger Morrell