National Free Flight Society

SEN 1932

Table of Contents – SEN 1932 Fab Feb Update Mongolia Link 2015 Sympos Articles needed Looking for Cyclon Crankshaft Australia Part1 Australia Part2 Another way to manage performance. Fab Feb… Continue reading SEN 1932

SEN 1931

Table of Contents – SEN 1931 Patterson 2014 Another thumbs down on the weak link F1ABC Limited For consideration Classic FF or RCFF F1A Solution 🙂 Plans and Things Patterson… Continue reading SEN 1931

SEN 1930

Table of Contents – SEN 1930 John Oldenkamp looking for 1/4 inch rubber Simple FAI Rules For Sale Weak Link Another POV F1A Towlines John Oldenkamp A phone call early… Continue reading SEN 1930

SEN 1929

SEN 1829 – Table of Contents Phedon Weak Link Phedon Tsiknopoulos Rumors have been circulating about Phedon dieing in a house fire. I tried emailing and phoning Phedon but no… Continue reading SEN 1929

SEN 1928

Table of Contents – SEN 1928 Comments On F1A Changes Damjan’s Opinion F1A thoughts Looking for ? Watch for ? Fab Feb Preview Comments On We have go some comment… Continue reading SEN 1928

SEN 1927

Table of Contents – SEN 1927 Patterson date reminder Leepers garage sale Rule Changes ? Arizona welcome and dates. Patterson date reminder Patterson CD, Brian Van Nest asked me to… Continue reading SEN 1927

SEN 1926

Table of Contents – SEN 1926 In the Press Team Selection Finals Thanks USA Team manager F1H for Sale Rule Change proposals ? Americas Cup Status In the Press In… Continue reading SEN 1926

SEN 1925

Table of Contents – SEN 1925 FAI Scholarships Q Mongolian Update F1A WCUP Battle FAI Scholarships reminder If you are between 16 to 21 years old and you study, or… Continue reading SEN 1925

SEN 1924

SEN 1924 – Table of Contents Q on FB Missing SEN Issues Q on FB – editorial There is a F1Q group on Facebook where there has been a very… Continue reading SEN 1924

SEN 1923

Table of Contents SEN 1923 Online plans Bulletin 0 This weekend at Wawayanda Online Plan Resource See also at this site for F1A/A2 models Mongolian World Champs Bulletin 0… Continue reading SEN 1923