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Member Memorials

Martyn Cowley May 17, 2013
Jon Davis January 7, 2013
George Fuller December 30, 2012
Bob Hatschek October 13, 2012
Tony Italiano October 4, 2013
Jack Macgillivray August 19, 2010
Joe McKay June 27, 2005
John Oldenkamp November 15, 2014
Bill Shailor December 22, 2021
Ed Stoll January 25, 2008
Bob White November 21, 2005
George Xenakis November 1, 2008
Frank Zaic May 27, 2005

Free Flight by Bob Hatschek

What’s Free Flight?
A thrill, a challenge, a puzzle.
It’s other guys like you, the world around,
striving for the same graceful beauty of flight.
It’s comradeship across all human barriers.
It’s bull sessions through the wee hours.
It’s fierce competition with the highest of sportsmanship.
It’s a battle against nature … her perversity … her law of gravity.
“Free as a bird,” describes God’s most unchained creation.
Man’s is a model airplane soaring birdlike in a thermal.
You created it. Vicariously you soar with it with its freedom.
Free Flight is the mist of the dawning’s calm as you test.
It’s the noonday sun as your model thrusts for the heavens.
It’s the cool drink after a dusty chase.
It’s the piercing scream of a peaking engine – the silence of the glide.
It’s sunburn and poison ivy and weariness to the marrow … made worthwhile.
It’s skill in your fingers. It’s knowledge learned for the knowledge alone.
It’s perfection sought … never attainable. A goal everlasting.
Free Flight is all of these, yet much more!
I tell you this, and you may believe.
But, you cannot know unless you know.