National Free Flight Society

The Famous Whammy Series of Science Olympiad Planes!

The Double Whammy

A good beginner’s model designed by Chuck Markos. This model is an excellent beginner’s model and would make a great first model for anyone entering indoor rubber duration flying.. It can be built by modelers of all ages and can achieve very satisfying flight times in excess of one minute in local gyms. Though this model is a bit under the maximum sizes allowed for the current Science Olympiad (SO) Wright Stuff event, it still makes a very good first model for new students who have never built an indoor rubber band duration model. This basic model has also been used successfully by clubs while conducting beginner’s programs and one-design events.
Build one and have fun!

Double Whammy – PennyPlane

This is the follow on article by Chuck Markos that shows how simple modifications of the Double Whammy like a cambered airfoil and a balsa prop make it a very good beginners PennyPlane model capable of flights over 5 minutes in a local gym. This article explains how to build a model that will help transition the beginner into the ranks of indoor rubber duration flying by way of the PennyPlane event.

Build one for the next AMA contest and enter it in the AMA PennyPlane event!