National Free Flight Society




 Three-Day F1E Contest in Poland

 2016 Free Flight Nats by Bill Kuhl

 Indoor Flying – Flite Test

 A Rocket Powered Free Flight Model – Flite Test

 An Indoor Catapult Glider by Chuck Marcos for Scholastic Programs

One of Stan Buddenbohm’s indoor tip-launch glider flights at at the Tustin blimp hangar. June 11, 2011

Trailer for “Float,” a beautiful new video on Indoor Flying by Phil Kibbe and Ben Saks.

 Dhorman Crawford’s Rogallo Wing Indoor Model

 On the technique and beauty of F1A gliders.With Per Findahl, video by Oskar Findahl.

Science Olympiad capacitor powered electric model airplane. Produced, directed and shot by Larry Michalowski.

 Flying Rubber Models in the 1930s