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  1. Nelson Glow Plugs – Salonta Cup / Miklos Memorial Contest in Romania
  2. Screws or solder
  3. What are Top Dudes

Nelson Glow Plugs – Salonta Cup / Miklos Memorial Contest in Romania

I will have Nelson glow plugs for sale in Romania for the two World Cup contest on May 13th and 14th.  The cost is $9 each.  Please send me an e-mail if you wish to purchase glow plugs so I can make sure that everybody gets what they require.  If you need a large amount, meaning 75 to 100, please let me know so they can be preordered before I leave for the contest.

Walt Ghio


 Screws or Solder ?

From: Magic Timers

Dear Mr SEN
We got an inquiry from a well known American sportsman wanting to buy metric screws.  I don’t think he understands that we use solder rather than screws in most of our timers.  I was somewhat surprised that he did not know where to get them.  This information might be of use some more of your USA readers.

I don’t sell screws, I get mine from Doctor Screw aka Yuri Blazevich at contests
or from
Micro fasteners at

The ultimate source of stuff for fixed or making just about anything is McMaster Carr
They only have 22,221 metric screws in their catalog.  They have 1.8mm , Micro Fasteners does not.
McMaster catalog is a bit easier to navigate , they have more info and a little more expensive  but nothing for the serious sportsman

Mr Magic

What’s a Feb Dude

We got a few questions about the Top Dudes mentioned in a few issues back.  These are an award sponsored by SEN this is for the best performance in each of the FAI classes over the 3 Fab Feb contests, 2 for the Mini-Events. The scoring is based on a modified version of the World Cup scoring.  If you look carefully at World Cup scoring  you will see while the same number of points given for first place is the same, the score for all the other places is very dependent on the number of contestants in the event.  This means that if you were second in an event that only had 2 people getting points you would get a lot less than if you were second in an event with 10 people getting points.

The award is a custom t-shirt with a design by Chaos in Wellington , NZ. The initial design looked like a swarm of models circling in a thermal.  Now that some people have more than one of these we use other Chaos designs too. The winners name is printed on the back.

Because I hear the word Dude when in an eating or drinking places in Redondo Beach, CA and the screen printer in NZ who makes the shirts is surfer, Top Dude seemed appropriate.  This year, for the first time we have 2 people who the award in both the World Cup class and the mini-event for the same discipline so they will be or rather are Super Dudes

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Roger Morrell