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Dear Roger
Very bad news I regret to announce the death this morning of the very well known French flyer Bernard BOUTILLIER. I’m informing you because I think you knew him well. He was in very poor health and we no longer saw him on the flying field. He was in a retirement home near his home and his condition had worsened in his final months. Bernard BOUTILLIER competed in many free flight categories but more especially in F1C where he was World Champion. His burial will take place at the church of Saint Florent sur Cher on Wednesday April 3 at 10:30 a.m. could you communicate it to our US friends who knew him ?

Best Regards
Général Secretary of the FFAM (French Aeromodelism Federation)


USA Junior Team Supporters

2024 Outdoor Free Flight Jr. World Championships

Dear Free Flight Community,
As a 4x team member and now 3X manager of the USA Jr. Team I would like to thank all individuals who have donated or will be donating to the Outdoor Free Flight Jr. Program! With the AMA financing only a 1/4 of the Jr. World Championship costs we are seeking the support of our FF community to fund the remaining expenses. The 2024 team will consist of 9 competitors, the largest group of dedicated flyers we have had in over a decade! Our goal is to raise sufficient funds so the junior competitors will have no out of pocket expense for entry fees, airline cost (including extra model box fees), lodging and rental car expense. The supporters (family members) pay their own way.

I would like to introduce you all to our 2024 USA Outdoor Jr. Free Flight Team!! The F1A team consists of Anat Goldstein ( Female Open World Champion ), Johnny Mah-Gersting, John Kim, and Daniel Guo. Our F1B team consists of Ittai Kohavi ( Jr World Champion), Adith Alagiri, Reema Satyan, and Tia Zheng. Representing F1P is Emrick Smith. All but two competitors will be participating in their first ever Outdoor World Championships!

The Assistant Team Manager will be lifelong educator Tim Batiuk! He recruited 5 of our 9 team members and has been actively coaching them for the past two years.

Having worked directly with all team members over the past two year selection program, I can testify to all members’ commitment as well as desire to support one another. One of the most unified groups of competitors and families I have experienced in my involvement in the past 7 Jr.Team cycles.

Please send your tax deductible donation via:

1. Check to AMA designated for “Outdoor Junior Free Flight Team”
AMA Attention: Colleen Pierce, 5161 E Memorial Dr., Muncie, IN 47302

2. Or call Colleen Pierce (800-435-9262, ext252) and she will take VISA, Mastercard or Discovery credit card donations.

Colleen Pierce
5161 E. Memorial Dr.
Muncie, Indiana 47302
(765) 287 – 1256 (ext 252)

3. If you wish for your donation to be DOUBLED through corporate matching, you can donate directly to Sevak Malkhasyan. Feel free to reach out
(323) 394 – 3424

The FAI FF Jr Team Selection Program requires that the team manager give a full accounting of all funds. Blake Jensen, the Team Selection Chairman, will be monitoring the AMA and donated funds.

Thank You All!
Sevak Malkhasyan
Manager 2024 USA FF Jr. Team