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Bear and Moose cup

From Per Findahl

Hi !
If you like to follow Moose cup and Bear cup this Friday and Saturday you can follow the links. Scores and live-streaming.
Per Findahl

NFFS SCAT E News – About Time

From Richard Wegener

Hi – I’m not sure if this is the place to post a question/comment for the NFFS SCAT Electronic News, but:
RE: All this talk about timing FAI events. I haven’t seen anyone mention anything about using a simple accelerometer. Seems to me to be a much simpler solution. When the airplane stops moving, the time is stopped. A bluetooth app to record the time. For F1A, the accelerometer could be triggered at line release.
My daughter was a competitive swimmer and I would volunteer to time events. There were always three timing methods: 1) Electronic touch-pad 2) A manual button and 3) A person with a stop-watch. The timing priority was always in that order. In all the meets I timed, never once did it come down to the stop watch.

Rich Wegener
Federal Way, WA

Editor’s Comment:  Rich, the reason they use an altimeter is because the first requirement for an official certified device (by the EDIC that is part of the FAI/CIAM) was for an altimeter to be use in an altimeter flyoff.  This was really a form of flight recorder. This was then repurposed to measure the flight time too.  There will possibly be devices that use an accelerometer in the future if that turns out to be better.  The cost, size and availability is a consideration.  One  advantage with the flight record has is that if there us some odd incident, perhaps touching the ground then the jury can potentially “look at the flight”.

Your experience with swimming is the same as many people involved in competitive sports is that ‘we ought to be able to do it because we do it with …’  each activity is just a little bit different but we are getting there.