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USA Jr FAI FF Team Selection Standings
From: Jim Parker

Feb Feb had a great junior flyer turn out, 18 in total with 7 from the USA. There is one more contest to complete the USA Jr FF team selection contest calendar (SCAT Annual, March 16-17). In addition to the score system represented below, the Jr flyer must demonstrate the ability to assemble and fly their models. The USA team is looking pretty clear, the flyers listed below have demonstrated their flying ability. As generally known, per FAI rules, teams may have 4 persons if one is a female. So currently, we will have 4 flyer F1A team. Likewise, there is room for one more flyer on the F1B team and room for two more on the F1P team. As a historical reminder, Austin Gunder, two times F1J World Champion flew his first of three Jr World Champions with a TD powered Maverick! Flying at the SCAT annual would place the junior flyer in contingency to make the USA Jr Team. If Lost Hills is not feasible but you have or know of an interested junior flyer, contact me soon as there is a provision to place a flyer on an empty team spot even if they have not flown in the program. But time is running out. Planning for Jr World Champs in Macedonia this summer have started. Entry forms and fund raising are underway.

Charlie Jones, Jim Parker, Sevak Malkhasyan
USA FF Jr Team Selection Committee.

2023-2024 Junior Team Scores


Daniel Guo 292
John Mah-Gersting 283
Anat Goldstein 257
John Kim 189


Ittai Kohavi 300
Adith Alagiri 217
Reema Bharadwai 181


Emrick Smith 295

Time after Time

From Chris Edge of Beyond

It is not correct to state that only EDIC certified altimeters can be used to dispute flyoff times (SEN 3215 ‘ Where it is at’). The relevant section of the Sporting Code is F1.2.7 which states :-

Competitors using altimeters which are not EDIC-approved must follow the following procedure. Prior to each fly off, participants with (reserve) models equipped with such recording devices being switched on, should position their model(s) at ground level no more than 5 metres from their assigned starting pole. Upon instruction of the contest director, the participant will have to lift the model(s) from the ground and hold the model(s) elevated a number of times, the number and duration of these movements is decided by the contest director thereby generating a unique altitude-time signature.

If a CD wants to mandate EDIC units at a World Cup event then this could be a local rule BUT must be well advertised beforehand and additionally to competitors on the day, but why you’d want to do this is anyone’s guess.

Of course EDIC approved altimeters can only be used in altitude based flyoffs, but there weren’t any of those at Lost Hills.

So yes, it’s important that flyers know the rules, but more so the Contest Directors.