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  1. WANTED – Spinner to suit Geared 2 Blade Fora F1C
  2. Nelson Alternative Plugs
  3. Audi Adventure
  4. On Regimenting Q


WANTED – Spinner to suit Geared 2 Blade Fora F1C

From: Gary Pope

WANTED – Spinner mounting disc and matching spinner to suit Geared 2 Blade Fora F1C engine. (Yes, I have the geared 2 blade prop assembly but not the matching mounting disc & spinner). Please contact me via email –


Nelson Alternative Plugs

From Ron Young

I have plugs that are a direct replacement for the current Nelson plug. I have tested these plugs and no R.P.M difference between the plugs. The hex on these is 10MM And the Nelson is 3/8. These plugs are 8.00 each plus postage.

The plugs are made by T.C.A in Italy.    They don’t have a name for the plugs just a replacement for the Nelson plug. I can supply them.

Contact email is


 Audi Adventure

From Tiff O’Dell

Blake is on his way home from Bakersfield after repairing our car, and he’s enjoying fair weather! He picked up the bikes and wished he had his glider with him. Thanks to everyone who helped us survive the post MaxMen breakdown, get the field packed up and drive home in the repaired car after minimum drama. See you all next time.


On Regimenting Q

By Aram Schlosberg

The Hungarians have proposed streamlining Q. All models would have budget of 1000Joules and the minimum weight would be 500 grams under 2J/gram, corresponding to a 20 second ceiling on motor runs.
Besides immediately obsoleting most Q models (adding weight to those under 500 grams or carrying extra ballast for those over 500 grams) it standardizes the energy limiters while leaving the possibility of motor overruns. Consequently, a very NARROW design envelope will evolve.
But Q’s beauty is its considerable design flexibility. Models can vary in size between B models (19 dm^2 area, direct drive weighing around 240 grams) to large geared models with areas around 35 dm^2 (between an A and a C model) weighing over 500 grams. Q’s props and how they fold are now hot areas of investigation.
A logical change in Q would be to eliminate the motor run ceiling. With a an energy budget of 2 J/gr the motor could run for over 30 seconds in calm conditions or condensed to 10 seconds in gusty conditions. The parallel to B is obvious, with a 30 grams motor. There are no restrictions on the motor run; each motor can only be used once and there are considerable differences between motors and the way that are wound. But a 1000 Joules is always a 1000 Joules.
The impetus for a 1000 Joule edict might be to prevent CHEATING. But intense security of ELs over the last years has eliminated back door work-arounds such as disconnecting its ground wire. The SIDUS eTimer forces motor stoppage while the new Finnish EL is actually wired directly to the ESC. Asking flyers to display their energy budget before the flight effectively slams the door on cheating.
In short, leave Q as is and drop the motor run ceiling in the next rule cycle.