National Free Flight Society

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  1. Fab Feb Update
  2. Kiwi Cup Progress


FabFeb update

Overall improvement in conditions.  Everyone very busy.  Flyers testing. Organizers organizing.  Etc.

Some people were held up by weather related travel issues.  Others changed plans for other reasons, some notified the organizers some not, a few people entered without pre-entry. Generally very good to see many old friends not seen for years.

The significant work on the entrance road pushed mud to the side of the road and  left a solid packed path in the middle of the road. This made it much easier to get on the field.  Weather nice, gently variable breeze.

Large group of young flyers from China taking advantage of the New Year Holiday period. Together with parent and coaches. Half of the juniors were from China. Some very good flyers.

USA Junior team and parents workout with coaches Tim Batik and Sevak Malkhasyan.


Kiwi Cup Progress

Perfect weather. Great turnout. Wet week dried out to a non-issue.

40 in F1A, 50 in F1B, 12 in F1C, 9 in F1Q and 4 in F1P.  Very high standard of flying.
The real-time Kiwi Results online at

F1A Flash after 2 F/O (8 min)
1. Yuri Grushkovskiy
2. Enes Pecenkovic
3. Jim Parker

F1B Flash after 2 F/O (10 min)
1. Alex Andriukov
2. Oleg Kulakovsky
3. Ittai Kohavi

F1C Flash still in after 1 F/O, final F/O Sunday AM

F1Q Flash still in  after 1 F/O, final F/O Sunday AM


F1P Flash still in  after 1 F/O, final F/O Sunday AM

A few timing incidents that were all resolved satisfactorily, one with certified altimeter but illustrated the need to About Time up, universal and working officially.

There was a 1 hour contest delay that resulted in the number of rounds being reduced to 6. The flying had to be stopped while Tom Ioerger was unwell. 911 was called and the paramedics decided that he should be airlifted by helicopter to a hospital in Bakersfield as a matter of precaution. We believe him to be OK but do not have a current update.

Special Thanks to:
Lindy Murrell for running the online entry and event scoring.

David Murrell for flying out from Virgina to keep his parents in order.

Brian and Janna Van Nest for being the purchasing agents for lots of the goodies, and working with our important neighbors, especially Holloway Gypsum, Lost Hill Community Centre and Gabby’s’. Then answered upteen weather questions and pulled people and vehicles out of sticky situations.

Glenn Schnieder for ordering the important support infrastructure, CDing AMA events and pointing us in the right direction during the medical emergency . And those others who helped out there too.

The FAI Jury, Peter Barron, Charlies Jones and Roy Summersby all of whom gave good advice.
Andrew Barron and Walt Ghio gave extra help on the A and B flyoffs respectively plus those who helped out by extra flyoff timing.

Terry Kerger who did some special mediation in a complicated situation.
The other CDs and organizers, especially Blake Jensen and Tiffenay O’Dell who helped getting it all together.

What’s left.  Tomorrow the rest of the World Cup flyoff and all the awards, plus the FAI Mini events plus the full set of AMA events all enjoying Lost Hills weather. The Kiwi Cup awards will be on Sunday afternoon just after 3PM in the circle of the wagons at the campsite.  Be sure to be there to Collect. That is a tradition started by Norm Furutani to give those who have  got school and work time to get home Sunday PM.  On Monday there is the final of the AMA events  and Kiwi World Cup F1E on Holloway Hill.