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  1. Last Minute MaxMen Notes
  2. Lost Hills Entrance – Wed AM
  3. About Time Project


Last Minute MaxMen Notes

From: The Contest Director

Thank you to everyone who responded to my plea to complete on-line registration, it really helps the organizers.

For those who haven’t yet heard we will be putting together a MaxMen WhatsApp group. We will use this forum to send important messages concerning the competition, including pole draws and Fly-off pole positions. We created a QR code, Tiff’s idea, which will be on the packet of goodies you will pick up at registration. Just scan the code with your phone and you will be added to the group.

We ask that this channel be kept free from chatter. Please only ask questions pertinent to the entire group. Questions concerning you specifically can be directed to me via WhatsApp, text, email, or in person.

My next plea is for everyone to come to registration, this Friday at the Lost Hills Community Center from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We will be there the entire time and would like to check everyone off our list so we can enjoy the other competitions before taking over to run the Max Men. Please, please, please do not make me spend time tracking you down to check you off my list.

We have a tradition of grouping those who would like to fly on a pole together, or at least those from the same country. Please make any requests during registration. I plan to get the pole draws completed mid-week so we can have the information to everyone well in advance of the contest.

Finally Fly-offs:
Please be prepared to time for fly-offs. This is a critical issue and requires EVERY available person’s help.  You + stopwatch + binoculars at flight line 20 minutes (3:40 PM) or more in advance of fly-off rounds. I don’t always like to time either, but I REALLY don’t like to have to beg for timers 10 minutes before we are supposed to start a fly-off.  If we are late starting a fly-off the sun goes down & we lose opportunities. In the event, we cannot secure two (2) timers per pole, the Jury will be asked for approval to conduct the fly-offs using only one (1) timer per pole. Timers will be assigned for fly-offs using blind “card” draw from the shuffled stack of fly-off participant cards. Fly-offs will not begin until we have exhausted all attempts to provide two (2) timers per pole.

To participate in the Flyoff Each Competitor must nominate a timekeeper for the Timer Pool. There will be a sign-up sheet at the scorekeeper’s table.
B/C/P Competitors – PLEASE be available to time on Friday afternoon.
A/Q Competitors – PLEASE be available to time on Saturday afternoon.
The best way to ensure an enjoyable experience for all is by working together.




Lost Hills Entrance – Wed AM

The people working on the main entrance  expect it to be open on Thursday
The north entrance is not available at the moment too much mud


About Time Project

There will be a special Time card available at Registration and an instruction sheet.